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Problems of women

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Simple facts regarding Problems of women

Problems of women Today in India: There are lots of problems in India like abusing behaviour by others, stress, tension about family and relatives, but one of the most problems they face is that struggling to fulfil her desire to get expected satisfaction, in that “Relationship problems” tops. We can’t imagine how women’s’ life suddenly changed around as they grew by in the name of education. Most of the relationships in today’s society will dramatically be broken, like breakups, divorces, rape, murder etc. But no one analyzed it well and missed some consequential development led them to face lots of problems. In the name of freedom and equality, we failed to maintain a balanced society but it was never been. Today’s working women addicted to “Smoking and drinking”, why it is so? From India’s independence to 2000 there were data or survey conducted and shown that very percentage of women…