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How to be a better person [2019]

How to be a better person How to be a Better Person How to be a better person¬† Have you ever got to know what is to be a better person?? All we know each person with stereotype words of nomenclature to be good or bad. Is it right? But I think, it’s right. As we are human beings and we have lots of work and have the sense to choose our choice. This nature of choice comes from our faith and believes. And that faith and belief come from our understanding which ultimately a part of our body. Our body is made up of lots of living cell, with a complex structure. Our mind or brain decides our believes and faiths. This is the “Million dollar Answer”. No one understands well. Let’s understand it well. How to be a better person – from a Biological Perspective If you control…

Do You Really know What is Love? [2019]

What is Love What is Love? Have you ever felt “Love”..?? Even if you got loved one, no one can explain the exact meaning of it. Isn’t it.? Why no one is given or explained in a proper way to define it? Let’s see what factors make it very dynamic in meaning. Origin of love is contributed from the word “Lufu” an old English word which is picked from an Indo-European root shared by a Sanskrit word “Lubhyati” which mean “Desire”. So from this come to know as a desired of anything. It would be doing, playing, sharing, sleeping, eating etc. That doesn’t mean to be an action or habitual activity. It just an urge or expression to show the desire of it. But eventually, it evolved and changed dynamically in psychological behaviour to embarrass, abuse, to attract, showing attitude or anything else. What is love for Modern World? Todays’ modern…