My Thoughts on Gratitude and Dignity

I am feeling very lucky about getting my views on Gratitude and Dignity. In my view, “These are one of God Gifted values“. Everyone should utilise it for their prosperous and healthy life.

My Thoughts on Gratitude and Dignity

First of all, I am very Thankful to “That Universal Forces” which expanded my consciousness‚Ķand 2ndly to the “Time.” Because “Without Time We Don’t Exist”.

Gratitude is a Very Powerful process for Shifting your Energies and Bringing more of what you want from your life. We should be very grateful and thankful for those people(Especially “Our Creator” by whom we Exist now — Our Parents), who contributed for our courageous life to Do Creative Work without any Fear and future Consequences.

Dignity is an inseparable entity by which no one can get a healthy, happy and prosperous life. And without that, there will always be war-like situations. Dignity is as similar to Water. Because Every living being needs Water.

I feel very proud to that Society and all Religion who taught me to think analytically, respect everyone, tolerance to the negative actions and words, equality, freedom and everyone should be self-aware. This is my Gratitude.

Also, Gratitude and Dignity empowers our Neurons(Brain Cells) to work creatively for humanity, for Society, for Justice, and eventually, it leads to Satisfied Lifestyle.

For example, Todays Technology. Whatever we are doing now, all are a Product of our Gratitude and Whatever we will achieve in future, it will be a Product of Dignity.

So, in that sense, we should respect every micro-living creatures, as he/she/it contributing to the Nature to Evolve periodically and making a sustainable environment for future generations.

We as a Human, we should thankful for everything we have till now and should evolve with Natures Law, i.e. giving Dignity to Nature and should act wisely.

My Conclusion on Gratitude and Dignity

Finally, I conclude with a Sentence that, “The main Objective of Gratitude and Dignity is that, Self Awareness or Expansion of Our Consciousness.”

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