Seriously Starting an Online Business From Home?

Starting an Online Business – How to start a online business

Starting an Online Business has been huge in Demand seems we are mostly engaged with Smart Gadgets and Technologies. Are you sure to read more specific about How to Start an Online Business from Home, Really? Before that, I would like to mention some perceptions and analysis of Serch Engines, Pandemic and Other stuff’s.

Most of us would get a more hectic answer about How to Start and Where to Start. But this makes a very serious question about Trustworthiness and Security in a Post-Pandemic world.

Nothing is Real and no one is Trustworthy, It may U.S Administration or Drug Controller or even a Coronavirus. Don’t rely on anyone or anything. Be your own boss do it your self.

Read this – Coronavirus

Tech Giants Role for Starting an Online Business:

Two wealthy giants are in cold-war for their personal interest and drastically impacting our local business worldwide. No one noticing properly this situation. But few questions come in a mind that,

  • How to get rid out of this conditions?
  • Who will benefit this Post Pandemic Business venture?

Most Probably Google, Facebook, Amazon and other Tech giant companies created very robust tech platforms for all type of business. But there are very few people available to analyse and going to implement successfully in their day to day business routines.

In this article, I’m going to tell you a “How-to” guide to start a perfect online store or webshop or online business. In this article, I am going to recommend some special offer for you to consider before Launching your won Online Business. from that, I will get some bucks of earning as a commission and it will help me to create more content for future blogs and Creative Articles. So Lets Start.

Starting an Online Business: Pros and Cons

Before We Start, Please consider some Pro and cons of Starting an Online Business

Above mentioned some cons will make a negative image about starting an online business. But don’t worry I’m here to help you to kick start your online business.

Some google searches during lockdown :

Covid-19 world tracker

worldometer monthly traffic
  • coronavirus updates
  • Wuhan virus
  • collateral damage from the virus
  • Trump statement

These are a few keywords I identified during lockdown person. Some online marketers used these keywords to create content around these topics.

Some are successful and others are enjoyed being reading and watching. But as a Digital Marketer, your priority should be to Starting an Online Business for yourself or others.

Here Google and Bing like search engines improved their algorithms to filter out misguiding contents and properly showcase a most relevant content to searching user. This is the main intent behind doing an Online Business of Google with Local Business owners.

In June 2020 Facebook bought 9% sharers of Indian Telecom giant Jio and subsequently Google also bought on the same path. This is only intended to do expand their virtual business in India.

In my opinion it will boom the Indian Market.

So Lets Start our Definitive Guide for Starting an Online Business.

Steps for Starting an Online Business for Free:

  1. Use Google my Business and Bing Places for Business:
  • Google My Business is an online web application designed by Google to provide online visibility platform for any businesses. You have to download this app or go to direct link and create a Business location for your desired business.
  • Enter Exact Business Name, Business Location Address and Receivable Business Phone number.
  • If you are a Service provider you would opt-out to be mentioned your store’s physical location. This will improve your targeting users in a particular location.
  • In Bing Places for Business App, you just need to signup and click on Import Business Location form Google. All Business settings will auto imported to Bing’s local listing app.

  1. Creating and Updating Consistent Engaging Content
  • Remember Online Marketing or Digital Marketing is Only about Content. Without content, Google and Facebook will be Dead.
    Creative and Engaging Content is the only way to boom your business online.
  • For this, you should know the Content creation tools like Photoshop, Illustrations (Alternatively you can use Canava, Adobe Spark etc) or any video editing tools.
  • Always go with purchased tools. Don’t look for free or cracked version tools which have been injected malware capabilities. If you are a developer then will be safe to use it.
  • Consistent posting helpful small posts from Google My Business Dashboard’s section 
  1. Creating and Promoting on Social Media
  • Social Media is the Game Changer for Content Marketing.
  • More than 4 Billion users are online, min 5 hours a day.
  • Power of Social Media – Interest-based Audience, Creating Business Groups and Engaging them in relevant events with your products and services.
  • Only Consistent and Problem Solving Contents will boost your online business and makes your business Brand Awareness indirectly.
  • People would love your Content if you respond quickly and solve their queries.

  1. Joining some affiliate programmes: Extra Earning with your primary business
  • Affiliate marketing is a Billion Dollar Transaction Area in Digital Marketing. This is like a Dropshipping business. Means you have to create content related to your affiliate programme, connect peoples problems with given affiliate links and earn commissions. As simple as that.
  • If you are a business owner, don’t hesitate to join other services providers affiliate marketing programmes. This helps your website and social media accounts monetized.
  • But remember about Googles Policy programme. Don’t upset Google otherwise, your ranking gets dropped. And eventually, you will lose all your efforts.
  • Always be updated about Googles Search Algorithms. This will helps to maintain your websites ranking position.
  • Below are Some recommended Affiliate Networks which works for all Business Owners.
  • Free Amazon Business Signup
  • Free Cj Affiliates

These platforms provide a vast variety of relevant products for your business, try to add them in your websites blog posts. This is a new strategy for today’s trending topics. Try it.

  1. Use Google merchant center
  • Google merchant centre is free to use.
  • Watch videos on youtube and list all your products to this platform.
  • You will get free clicks and traffic who are interested in products and services relevant to your business.
  • This is a very powerful platform developed by Google and very strict terms and policy guidelines which makes unique product promotional platform every merchant.
  • Also, Google Keyword Planner and Google Ads also helpful when you use this platform.
  1. PPC campaign on Google or Other Social Media Platforms
  • PPC means Pay Per Click Advertising. This very cost-effective and High Revenue Generation Technique. Don’t underestimate this type of advertising.
  • Just make sure of you landing page and keyword relevancy which cuts your PPC costing when you run ads campaign.
  • Get the High Quality and Speedy Landing Pages – MobiFirst Templates. Your templates should be mobile friendly. So that I recommended this templates provider to design your landing page before running any ads campaign.
  • In some scenario, you will need videos for your business. Try this ready-made video making tools which are very cost-effective and attractive – Video Maker Pro FX
  1. Getting Reviews and Feedbacks about your business
  • Your customer is your best friend and he/she should be review your products and services. So that sense, you should make them to review your business online through his/her gmail account.
  • Why gmail onl? Obviously, because Google My Business i.e. Google only considers custoners review through their acoount user only.
  • You GMB business reviews sends clear message to Google and their bots, How well you are performing locally.
  • All thses tasks are Automated by Google through their A.I. bots. And these A.I. bots are more smarter than user reviews. They strategically identifies the false and geniune user reviews.
  • So do’t missuse the false reviews and remarks. Becaus it will harm your Online Identity and Trust Worthiness. 

What after Starting an Online Store?

Just updated about googles new search updates, policy and terms of use. As they always making Google products more Local Business Centric.

After registering your business on GMB, google will send you confirmation code within 15 days to confirm your location.

By confirming the code, you will get full access to more options available in Google my Businesses dashborad. Use them and analyze it effectively as per your business needs.

In the last post, I have mentioned some small online business ideas which have been very helpful for my daily reader. From here you can get more creative business ideas.

Similarly you may need Best Web Hosting and Landing Pages for your Busineess. Below are some personal recommended Reasources you should try. Its almost free but, if buy premium services your Business will Boom. Remember, Nothing is free. Make little investment before starting an Online Business.

Free Hosting Provider and High Quality Landing Pages

High Quality Landing Pages
High Quality Landing Pages

For Online Business Without Investment

Answer is –

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • YouTube vlogging
  • Online Tutoring

The post-Pandemic world will prioritise contactless business. Amazon, Google and Facebook already developed Affiliate centric platforms for all users. He/she may be a creator or a search user. Get the benefit from this. And also, this will boost your knowledge as well.

If you live in India, Meesho and Glowroad dominating Online Clothing Reselling Business. This is a very very biggest opportunity for every unemployed individual.

Main Moto of Doing Business – Solve Problems

If you want to do a successful business, first of all, try to identify problems, where you live or work. Understand that problem critically and try to find out how many people are getting that problem and who are they.

If they are in large numbers you will need people or Human Resource to handle business opportunity. Then how will you manage it? Because instant responses to enquiring people about your buisness coneverts to long term customer for your business.

This type of all operational managment and planning is required before starting an online business. We think online means all about computers and internet. But thats not true all about online businesses. You need to prepare all type of challenges. Some times you may get Pandemic type of Lockdown or Shuttdown on any time. So prepare mentally and financially before starting an online business for free.

Because nothing is “Free” in today’s Contemporary world.

Always have a Backup. Don’t be dependent on Credit facilities or Loans from Banks or any financial Institutes. Use your Powerful brain, Identify Problems and Start Business, That’s it.

Read this, it helps to Identify your own True Self.

If you are frustrated or tensed or in a depression get this Ghee. Refer my Desi ghee benefits which improve your brain functionality and helps to boost your immunity and other physical activities.


My final words on Starting an Online Business is that, Your own analytical and critical thinking will make you Entreprenuer level Business Mind. Don’t belive in ready made stuffs. Just get reference from it. and use it as per your business need.

Most successful business owners in the world, if you see them, they live in Rented flats or apartments, they never purchased irrelevant stuff in their life. They only believed in their own Think capabilities. They has been in Learning mode and still learning new creative things in their life.

Like that you have observed them and enjoy your problem-solving business. You will be Definitely Online Business Owner.

Thanks for reading this. Stay tuned for my next posts.

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