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60+ Exclusive How To Start a Business in India From Home

How To Start a Business in India From Home nowadays, it is very easy and not a hard task for everyone. But the guts and daring nature of human make every possibility in reality. We will see how’s this possibility to become a Reality.

In this article, I have given a Trick for How To Start a Business in India From Home without a Money in Hand. This worked for me. You could Try to Send Feedback.

Most of the Readers are expected to get more exciting trick or tip to get started with new business from home in India. But would like to share some of my experience and 2 years earlier started one of the successful business experiment.

How To Start a Business in India From Home – My Experiment

Before Starting a Business I Studied Many Aspects of Indian Economy – As I was a Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), who taught me to how to think and analyse like IAS (An Officer – Indian Administrative Service), and made me think as I below explained. It will make you bored but read it once for me, it helps you to analyse my mindset regarding How to Start a Business in India From Home.


Since 2002, Starting a Business in India, especially from home was very bashful. Because of the traditional nature of starting and handling the business management by Family members. But some Government policies started indicating for liberal nature for business in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Ajmer etc inspired other countryside people to have good business for them also.

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As these regional people using their resources to transport the Goods to other state and eventually this led and boosted Service Sector Job opportunities in India.

Service Sector is one of the Powerful areas in which any can start a business from home in India even without having money. But this requires Skillset, Knowledge and Some contacts to start as a Trial.

But some reason many people were thinking of How To Start a Business in India From Home as of some Taxation and Licensing system made hindrances at early stages.

But In 2005, that time the Indian Government made some distinctive policy changes which helped lots of poor people to analyse the situation around the city, State and National level. Likewise, I was thinking and started to surveying and researching many economical changes took place from 2005 to 2018.

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breathing exercise
breathing exercise

Today’s most and forefronted trending issues are Health, Sickness, Food, Fitness, and Money. In 2016, Jio Telecom made a revolutionary announcement and boosted Indian Digital Freedom. This made a dramatic change in Indian Economic activities from January 2017. Even no one realized what will be the situation in coming days, as Jio made 1 GB Data per day usage for 4G network users only, and It was almost free of cost for 1 year.

This made me think in revolutionary ways for mobile-friendly and telecom related services. I was thinking to start a 4G mobile repairing Service Center, likewise, I started to take some courses locally around the city. I found I almost got the reservation for Mobile Repairing Course. But Suddenly, Demonetization shocked and motivated me to think again Revolutionary.

The Demonetization started trending till April 2018, in this period I was receiving more Business-related blogs, YouTube Videos and much more. I was thinking about how these blogs and videos being made and publishing on the Internet. From that moment I have started to make some research before taking any First Step.

This thinking made me inspired and following some videos guidance as Sandeep Maheshwari, Vivek Bindra, Shri Rajiv Dixit. Ohh…I forgot to mention one Greatest personality i.e. the Rajiv Dixitji.

Rajiv Dixitji
Rajiv Dixitji

His lectures changed me from top to bottom and Inside Out. He clearly suggested and made I firstly decided ambitions practically possible. Because of Rajiv Bhai, I started to be a solo Bharatiya(Indian) Swadeshi Entrepreneur.

From that moment I started to research on Health, wellness, Fitness and Food related Business. And since 2017 Organic Products, A2 milk and Desi Cows milk products were in trend and taking massive presence in Indian Economic market. Many researchers, scientist and other news reporter were shown interest in A2 milk, Gir cows milk quality and its great benefits for our health.

Likewise, I identified the whole science behind our ancient pasts, their life structure, eating-sleeping and lifestyle habits which made them less vulnerable to diseases and assured long living life.

This was I heard from Rajiv Bhai first of all, then started researching on this topic and I got exact results and evidence from my family and other scholars as well. This is my turning point to get started a business from home in India.

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A2 milk Distribution and Delivery Boy in Pune – My First Business In Life

Mountain Grazing Cows Bhor Pune

Before this heading you got my experience on researching and encouraging moments led me to found my 1st Brand new Business in Pune as Gau Srushti. I will tell more on Gau Srushti Business in coming blogs, not in this article.

This articles main topic is How To Start a Business in India From Home, and I am going to explain it as follows.

As per my research In India, Starting a business from home is like a cakewalk and very easy. Just think like this. Don’t get confused so much about how to start and what should it needed to start.

I want an answer from your soul that,

What Qualities do you have to Solve the Trending human, social and natural Problems, which makes us weaker and worse but no one is competent to solve them?

Have you realised this type of questions, or got this type of questions in your mind?

If yes, then find the problems, and what are they, find the solutions and make them as a business. But remember, don’t forget poor’s to be included to solve their problems also. Because only poor’s and needy person can Grow and Boost your business in the coming days, this is my personal experience.

My topic was How to start a Business in India from home, which is a suggestive how-to topic. So I begin with the latest Trends and List of Goods and Services I shortlisted as Suggestions for you, as below

30+ Digital or Online Opportunities –

These all require at least Smartphone or Tablet or Budget PC with minimum 1 MBPS internet connection to kick start. Make sure before starting it, and analyse your budget before starting. So that Jio and Other companies mostly providing cheap data packet services at remote locations.

women entrepreneur

This is not a promotional blog, but it’s a purely my own experience and suggestions for youths.

  1. Blogging
  2. YouTubing
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Influencer Marketing using YouTube and Facebook Videos
  5. Website Development using WordPress and Blogger.
  6. e-Commerce Website development using Free CMS Platforms.
  7. SEO Services.
  8. Become Problem solver for Adsense, Blogger and WordPress or woocommerce community online.
  9. Buying and Selling Online Domain names.
  10. Create Virtual Cloud-based Servers and Provide Hosting to local small businesses.
  11. Become Content Writer
  12. Join Fiverr and Upwork like platforms to start Freelancing.
  13. Google My Business and its Local SEO Optimization.
  14. Logo Designing.
  15. Marketing Videos Making.
  16. Running a Google Ads, Facebook ads etc.
  17. Become Social Media Strategist and Supply Social Media Marketing Services at a cheap rate.
  18. Create a Facebook page, get 10k plus likes and sell it online.
  19. Create a YouTube channel and maintain a good audience and sell it online.
  20. Learn CorelDraw or Adobe Tools and become Graphic Designer
  21. High-Quality Logo Making
  22. High-Quality Graphics Templates making and Selling Online
  23. Ads Video Editing and Graphic Motion Banners Making
  24. Learn PC Hardware repairing services
  25. Learn Coding and Make simple software’s and Games to sell it an online or local level
  26. Develop simple android applications and sell it to Fashion and local shops.
  27. Online Coaching Channel or Platform or Education based website.
  28. Aadhar Card, Smart Card, Any Government Related Online Registrations services.
  29. Click or Capture local Beautiful People, animal’s, events or incidents and edit it attractively and sell it on Shutterstock or Envato online platform.
  30. WiFi Internet Service Provider at a home location with minimal charges per hour basis.
  31. Join This Online Reselling Fashion Apps like Meesho, Glowroad and Shop101.

As above mentioned services or online making program must be included with minimum Smartphone or PC requirements. You should choose which suited to your budget. If not I will recommend taking mini loans from below given links as they must ask your Aadhar and PAN Card numbers and residential proofs.

If your area doesn’t eligible to get a loan then don’t get disappointed, I would recommend other possible options like YouTubing or video editing techniques to start your digital presence for at least 6-8 month. By the time you will get the best opportunities automatically as you know. This is my experience.

Below Other Financial Credit providers are very great and supported me to finance my investments at the needy time and I have been using these NBFC’s to fulfil my investment needs.

They provide not much money but it is enough to start small business like website hosting, YouTubing, Wholesale Buying food or fashion materials to repay them after reselling(As these are 15 days basis repayment policy, be cautious before borrowing money from these institutes and read carefully their T&C, Privacy Policy and Legal Terms and Agreements) But these are most trusted and genuine credit facilitators in India nowadays.

  1. KreditBee
  2. CashBean
  3. Kissht
  4. LoanFront

#1. The trick for using Money of these Credit Institutes –

Use these companies money and invest in Reselling businesses like Organic foods, A2 milk delivery Supplying or management services, or Organic Vegetables reselling business or any other local businesses you may think possible. By which you should get daily basis earnings and it helps you stay stress-free to repay these borrowings.

These Borrowings must be fulfill by your choice of business else it may lead many legal and social consequences in the name of private borrowings. Use these borrowings strictly for the reselling and daily earning purpose only. Get assured before investing in any Business, study that business properly, find your customer reach properly and analyse the Return on Investment before investing Borrowed money, this task is highly recommended.

Borrow money from these institutes and repay them timely, and they will support your credit facilities lifetime. But be sure you should have existing earning resources before getting next borrowing.

This trick is totally suggestive, it totally depends on your sole policy acceptance and usage. I am not legally binding to promote this Idea to encourage anyone who must borrow the credit from above-listed institutes. It’s totally your decision and you will be responsible for your own actions. Be careful of it.

This Trick is totally depended on the nature of business and demand of business from home in India. Most of the businesses require at least a small amount of business to get started like to buy raw materials or any service related expenditure. This idea helped me a lot and now I am doing daily 5000 turnover business from home.

#2. The trick to Start Organic Vegetables, Fruits Business –

This Organic business is in great demand and Have billion-dollar economic activity potential in recent times. In this category, you should have one virtual or if possible one fixed spot to attract targeted customers to sell them. Eventually, they become your permanent customer if you provide quality material to them within the decided time frame.

One thing you should know before starting Organic Food or Grocery or Vegetables or any other food business, these are vanquishable products. It has their own time of period after that they will get decomposing naturally. That’s the true nature of being Organic or natural state of food.

People are becoming more and more patients to common diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, over weighted-Fatty, heart disease, and most of the patients are stressed and Anxiety people. Modern lifestyle, bad eating habits and mainly overworking timings made them no time to eat quality foods at home or even outside the home also.

This is a good opportunity you should Identify in your nearby city or local areas where these like patients are living or wanted to get a supply of organic foods. So that, 1st of all you should study that way, ask your self about how long you keep getting motivated to supply services to these people and how much margins you will get after a specific period of time.

This is how you should think and decide the business model as per local and social problems arising. For that online articles, blogs, news and latest government policies will help you to figure out the business possibilities. You would get most customers in city-level areas.

Example 1 – If you have farming land or un-used farmland

Use these lands for planting organic vegetables, medicinal plants, or Tulsi and Aloe Vera type of planting purpose only. Because it doesn’t require much water and it sustains in harsh stations also. Aloe Vera has many medicinal and health benefits to cure many health diseases. This may invite some business opportunity from the company alone or you could use your own technique to make an awesome product and sell it in the market as it will solve many peoples problems.

Example 2 – The latest trending health issue.

The Corona Virus. This virus made china to knee down. For safety purpose you could aware people to take Desi Cows ghee in daily usage, drinking distilled cow urine prevents from new or old viruses as many as arises.

Like this, you should think this way plan the supply and demand chain. You would definitely get the best and less competitive business Ideas by which you would be famous and rich by the period of time, not in an Instant.

For that, You should study it properly on both platforms, online and offline locally as well, and even you should test on yourself to gain confidence in its quality and fair usage purpose. This boosts your confidence in promoting any type of goods to anyone.

#3. The trick to Start A2 milk or Desi Cows Milk Related Business –

Desi Ghee, Gobar ke Kande or Upale, Nasya or Nasal Deops, Chemical Free Soaps, herbal homemade shampoo, hand made dhoop

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30+ Local or Physical Service Providing Businesses –

468x60 Get More Done, Together
  1. Start Beauty Parlor
  2. Start Massage services
  3. Start Fitness teaching
  4. Start Yoga Classes
  5. Start Music Classes
  6. Start Dance Classes especially Classical dance
  7. Start Singing Classes
  8. Cloth Stitching or piko-fall services
  9. Start Coaching Classes
  10. Start Sanskrit Classes
  11. Refereeing needy teachers for Home tuition’s whom Parents will demand
  12. Start Computer Classes
  13. Start Digital Marketing Classes or Courses
  14. Mehendi design services on auspicious days
  15. Catering Services
  16. Breakfast food supplying to hotels or local vendor people
  17. Ground chutney making and supplying to home to offices
  18. Tiffin (Dinner or lunch) services at home
  19. Become Housing Apartment Dealer or Agent
  20. Start Children Day Care for Professional working families
  21. Become consultant on Astrology, Financial Advice’s, Family Problem solver
  22. Consultant on Legal Advice
  23. Made Supplier to nearby Big Apartments.
  24. Article writing for websites or News Papers
  25. Create and Write Creative Imaginary stories for bloggers, article publishers etc.
  26. Start Photo Studio
  27. Provide Online Rent Agreement Registration Services.
  28. Make Toys from Scratches or unwanted pieces of stuff
  29. Start Drawings, Paintings and make it public by taking exhibition and luckily it would get sold.
  30. Become Ayurvedic, Natural and Home Remedy Adviser by watching YouTube Videos or if you have enough skills then you can create your own channel or Facebook group and make your fan follow you, and after some time develop your own product and marketing it in these communities and it will get sold.
  31. Hardware Repairing Service Provider
  32. Small Software Development and Installation Services.

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Above listed Business Ideas are for all Age and Gender people. No matter what do you have skills, Qualifications or even money to invest. Just follow above given tricks with right interest in doing business.

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Very Important Assignment Before How To Start a Business in India From Home

Last but very Important think about this is that Everything is Mind Game. Means Whatever you think it will happen to you. Your thinking process and imaging any situation becomes reality in coming times. We are all connected with each other by Natures mystical Natural Energies and Forces.


Everything is related to Energies. Whatever you eat drink it will convert to energy. This energy leads out the thought process in a dramatic way. Whatever thoughts you get, it has an Energized effect. So that you need to very clear about the goals you want in life.

Whatever you think or ask the nature indirectly, nature will respond to you in the same you as you wished for. If you think, It is impossible for me to do, then Nature will accept your thought as an “Order”. Nature, in return, will give you the same result. So, you should be very positive and optimistic in every situation, have patience, everything will come at Right Time at your doorstep. You should do and think about whatever situation you want in the coming days.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you should read and watch the successful entrepreneurs have been in recent time and past as well. You have to think like them, follow their mindset, their daily routine, their lifestyle(Not to follow elite style), follow their communicating style or presentation personality, develop body language etc. This makes you best businessman like mindset.


This all makes you think in the Right direction and Entrepreneur style personality. And eventually, you will see the magic, but it takes time. Because nature wants to know your capabilities and strength you will have by which It will help you in every as aspect future life.

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Final Words on How To Start a Business in India From Home –

Starting any business in India from Home, you should strong will power and capacity to act as single or One Man Army type personality. If you don’t have this type of personality, then you should have to develop it. It’s recommended to have before mastering any skills.


Acquire and possess as much as skills you can. Study more and more contemporary tools, techniques, communication styles, try out more communication with stranger people and randomly ask them about your speaking and body language. Only stranger people will tell you the truth, not your colleague or family members. It’s awkward, but it is necessary.

Starting a Business in Indian Economy nowadays very easy and hectic free process. GST and other modern digital revolutionary technologies made possible to do a Business from home.

Only thing is that you should have a skilled thinking process like how to connect your knowledge with more people and how to communicate with these audiences, etc. In this situation, 95% chances are there to utilise Social Media and Internet-based strategies to be successful in less time. Else traditional marketing and local shop based strategy make you and your business isolated with the targeted audience.

All are using advanced Smart technologies. Study them and think about it, how to use them with your business. That’s it. Nothing more rocket science in the starting a business from home in India. But some areas, like remote villages or Hilly areas, yet don’t have much faster internet or communication setups.

For them, I would suggest recording videos on a daily basis and go to a nearby city or sem-urban areas and use cyber cafes to upload it YouTube. Because most users don’t know the reality of village or hilly areas. It will attract more audiences to your video, eventually, you can earn more passive money in a short time.

Don’t think that, you don’t have anything to start a business. Instead, you should think that these resources are fair enough to start a Business. This empowers you, energize you, boosts your confidence to start business activities.

That’s it. I conclude here and wish you the best luck to have creativity and uniqueness in your business activities which will make your business more profitable and famous in coming time.

Thanks for Reading this…!!!

Pro Blogger, Content Creator, SEO Expert and Solo Entrepreneur.

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