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How to Find True Self Within You [2020]

Finding a True Self is not so hard as you thought. Only strong determination and interest will lead you to find your True Self, without any other Help.

Today’s modern lifestyle and compulsion of jobs and earning money made us think limited. This means we are not allowed to think creatively on our existing infinite human potential.

What others say about True Self –

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The above image gives little insight into what exactly we are living today’s in day to day lifestyle. The true nature of finding our real self is nothing but controlling our thoughts and emotions at every point of work.

Think about it. When your thoughts make a buzz in your head, you probably stop thinking about what you have decided to do in an effective way. That’s why Mind Control Technique is foremost important criteria for finding your True Self.

Most of the blogs or articles around the web, give you many steps and tricks to control your emotions. But in my opinion, the best way to control your thoughts and emotions are nothing but Breathing Excercise.

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There are so many questions about finding your True Self –

Finding a true self is now new to modern society. But it is an Ancient Practice of Mindfulness and that breathing awareness brings profound physiological and mental benefits to all yogis. Just look at some of our readers asked queries and any relation between finding True self and Breath Watching technique.

What exactly one should do Breathing Exercise to find True Self?

There are many types of Breathing Exercise. As listed below.

Above given list of breathing exercise merely give you relaxation and strength. But here I will give another famous technique to get your Real Self.

Here, what I want to tell you that, Watching Your Every Breath while you Inheal & Exheal, i.e. Carefully and Intentionally watching your Inheals and Exheals. You can call it Meditation.

breathing exercise
breathing exercise

You can do this breath watching exercise by sleeping also or even any working and standstill place. It’s not compulsory to sit, but you need to be relaxed, physically and mentally with sitting straight (making your spinal cord backbone straight)

How can I control my mind by breathing?

During this exercise, you get to know how your thoughts coming in your mind and these thoughts make you think on it forcefully. This you can call it as a Distraction. So, in this scenario, you should focus on your breath only, besides incoming thoughts. This exercise should be a minimum of 5 minutes at the starting day. Do as per your required condition.

When you do this for a minimum of 5 minutes, your breathing might get slower and slower at some point in time. This doesn’t mean your breath will stop forever, rather you will be going into the conscious state of mind.

This conscious state of mind realises your stillness and controlled neural activity. This is the base of Getting Aware. Once you get the feeling of every moment of conscious awareness, you will automatically come to know how you getting control over your mind, thoughts and emotions. But this needs often practice. Over a period of time, by doing often Practice, it will increase your attention and awareness very effectively.

Actually the word “Practice or Repetition” itself neuronal plasticity. I’ll talk to on Neural Plasticity later in some post, in detail. Just keep in mind about Neural Plasticity is that whatever happening around us is nothing but strong programming of our brain with our nervous system by making neuroplastic synaptic connection’s.

Why is awareness over breath important?

Awareness over breath makes positive physiological implications which this can have to help calm the body and mind.

The observes of yoga that relies on ancient Sanskrit texts, management and awareness of the breath lie at the muse of the principles behind the discipline. Yogis are dedicated to active the art of conscious breathing, and also the wealth of writing on the topic among yogistic circles concurs with the concept that respiration awareness brings profound physiological and mental edges.

Does your brain control your breathing?

Yes. It does actually. Its all about your neural activity. When starts thinking about what you most like to do, the neural circuits being created in your brain.

If it happens as per your wish your breathing speed will be normal. Else it happens to make you angry young man over some time. Once you get your anger in the brain, you will realise a sudden increase in heartbeats. And eventually your breathing rate increases.

This how our brain, heart affects our breathing. And if so happen for a long period of time, this fast breathing makes human to live fewer years. Now, normally it is an average of 65 years. In ancient time normal age was 150 years in Vedic Erra because all Vedic people had been developed their breathing controlling skills.

Does your mind control your heart?

Yes, the human heart has the ability to control your mind through Blood Pressure. Additionally, it’s alternative functions, really possesses a heart-brain connection of over 40,000 neurons which will sense, feel, learn and keep in mind. This heart has its own memory. Even we can conclude every cell has its own memory. It all connected each other very microscopic level with much complexity.

If your heart gets some shocking tremor or pain, it’s cells sends signals to brain that feeling of pain. This process eventually affects your breathing pattern.

How do emotions affect breathing rate?

As per the Google dictionary, “Emotions are nothing but a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. “

Emotion is a type of thought. Once thoughts come in your mind randomly which alters your thinking process and making your heart to feel it. Consequently, this leads to an increase in heartbeat. And obviously, as above said, it indirectly alters your breathing patterns.

One can win this emotional intelligence by developing breath watching the exercise. This exercise is a very powerful and unique technique to control every aspect of life. By this, you can make miracles.

Just do it let me know in comment section

Who can do this exercise?

Anyone can do. Nowadays, you could hear about even children also doing to control their state of mind by exercising meditation. But in my opinion, it was their ability to breath watching exercise over a period of time. By the way, this is the only secret to all key problems in contemporary happening.

Doing this breath watching exercise make you fully aware and helps to find your true self. This exercise will explore your infinite potential to do anything you want or become.

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Concluding Words about True Self –

This breath watching skill should be Life’s High Prioritised skills of every human being. Everyone should master over it to do anything in life. After achieving this skill, you no longer the same person of living past years. This awakened state of personality helps to solve many problems of society or states in a very effective way.

All billionaires do these breathing exercises on a daily basis. But consumerism or money-oriented lifestyle made people stay away from this secret. Now, this secret is no longer hidden to the world.

After this step, you automatically get the hints about “what to do next?” and why. Always remember one thing, Do not go gentle your thoughts ocean, rather it should be your duty to realise your thoughts. How thoughts are coming in your brain and what they are telling to your mind.

This process also helps you with breath watching the exercise. This powerful technique changed my life in every aspect. Now I am a full-time blogger. You can get some clues, how some person suddenly reaches his peak of career or doing some extraordinary work which he or she never did this before.

This is the magic of finding true self within you. But the condition is that you need practice. And the Practice itself a Neuroplasticity of brain neurons. Which means, a systematic making strong neural circuits in your brain. Once you master your breath watching, your brain will start realising the reality of the world functioning, how society day by day getting controlled by few people, how wars are happening, who and why blaming on what basis etc.

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