Desi Ghee Benefits – An Incredible Dietary Food [2019]

Before to know desi ghee benefits, you should know what is Desi ghee?

Desi ghee benefits will give lots of health, spiritual and environmental benefits. After reading this article you would make it your primary food in daily eating habits. Let’s see why it so important to prioritize it. Before that, we should get the basics of Desi ghee.

Traces in the Ancient Indian Texts and Traditions –

Its Sanskrit name is Ghrata or Ghrita. Desi Ghee is a traditional form of Ghee. In Indian Sub-continent, the word wildly used as Bilona Ghee or Pure desi cow ghee or go-ghṛta. (“Desi cow” is a cow of Indian breed, which has a hump on its back. But Not like Jersey / HF / Swiss cow’s which are mostly available in western/developed countries.)

The Sushruta Samhita – and Ancient Ayurvedic Classic texture strongly emphasises to include plenty of desi ghee in your daily dietary foods.

Ayurveda suggests, ghee helps to enhance and improves our “Pranas” or “the life energy.”

In Ayurveda, there has been a deep connection between Ayurvedic medicines and Indian kitchen, from Ancient times. It is a tradition to consider the Indian kitchen as a Treasure House of Medicines. But from mid of the 18th century, ever since the British started to rule Bharat Varsha. By them, allopathy and English education got a big boost in this Indian Sub-continent. Due to this, all the information related to Indian Ayurveda and their use in health issues started disappearing.

For centuries, ghee has been used as a Rasayana, which means a healing food that stabilises both body and mind.

What are the benefits of cow ghee or desi ghee benefits?

In this entire post, we will discuss desi ghee benefits. You will see how it benefits our whole body.

Desi cow milk or ghee is easily digestible in our body. Because its fat requires max 36-degree Celcius temperature (As the human body have it, in a normal, relaxed lifestyle) to get digested or dissolved.

The fat of buffalo milk or ghee requires more than 40-degree Celcius warm body to digest it. That’s why all fitness or weight loss, yoga trainers always recommend to drink Desi cow milk(A2 Milk), Desi Chas(Buttermilk) or get desi ghee.

On the other side, who wants to build a Heavy Body, they must drink Buffalo milk or ghee. As it is easily dissolved or digested by their heavy workouts. There are no side effects on drinking buffalo milk. But the condition is that you should make heavy exercise so that the fat of buffalo milk would easily get dissolved. Exercise makes our body warm and increases body temperature.

To know the complete process of making Desi ghee – Why Indian Desi Cow ghee is so expensive?

From the hair to nails of the legs, this superfood, desi ghee has lots of benefits. Let’s see them one by one.

20 Unique Desi Ghee Benefits –

  • Memory and Brain Functioning Booster –
  • Immunity Booster –
  • Best for cardioprotection –
  • Improves digestion –
  • Purifies blood –
  • Due to a rich source of Calcium and Potassium, Bones, teeth become strong –
  • Greate help in weight loss –
  • Best Natural lip care –
  • Greate helping Agent for Preventing Cancer cells –
  • Manages cholesterol levels –
  • Best healing in wounds and inflammatory conditions –
  • Best for Hairs, Eyes and Skins mainly –
  • Improves Eyesight –
  • Greate benefits as a Nasya –
  • Also helpful for diabetes –
  • Mental Health Problems –
  • Strengthen your stress handling ability –
  • Generates a million tonnes of Oxygen when we burn Cow dung with desi ghee –
  • Acts as a body cleanser as it removes impurities from our body –
  • Acts as an antibiotic and helps during cold and cough –

Why Desi ghee has is in demand Since Ancient times?

The primary ingredient of Ghee is saturated fatty acids and rich in vitamins of A, D, E and K. It has also greate in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Butyrate, both of which have powerful health benefits.

Ayurveda considers Ghee as a holy or sāttvik or sattva-guṇi and used in religious rituals as well as in the daily dietary intake in India. In ancient India, ghee was in demand as a priority for cooking oil. It gives out purity to foods cooked with it.

Ghee is greatly utilized in Ayurveda for many medical applications, such as the treatment of hair, skin, eyes, cold, cough, fever, allergy, cardiovascular, arthritis, diabetes and respiratory etc, diseases.

From old age, many Ayurvedic and natural preparations were made using cooking herbs, masalas into ghee. Ghee carries the curative properties of herbs to all the body’s tissues. It is an excellent Anupama (as a vehicle which forms an integral part of chikitsa (treatment)) for transporting herbs to the deeper tissue layers of the body.

Proper digestion, absorption, and delivery to a target organ system are necessary for obtaining the maximum benefit from any healing formulation; the lipophilic action of ghee helps transportation to a target organ and consequently delivers inside the cell since the cell membrane also contains lipid.[S]

This liquid gold is mainly best to normalise “Pitta and Kaph” in our body. The Vata, Pitta and Kapha, in Sanskrit word, known as a Dosha.

Let’s have some Questions and Answers on Desi ghee benefits as follows,

How old ghee should we eat?

Desi ghee doesn’t have any expiry date when you store it in glass vessels (Only if, this golden ambrosia is made from the traditional way, i.e. churning the Dahi or Curd). Desi ghee cost increases with years, for example, 10-year-old ghee costs around INR 28000(USD 400). This type of ghee has medicinal value and it must be used as a medicine, instead of as a regular dietary intake.

Use as a Nasya –

As old as the desi ghee, it can be used as a medicine rather than a dietary food. The best way to use it as a Nasya. It means Nosal drops. Nasya has a lot of benefits especially for migraine and psychological, mental illness or brain-related problems. The nose is the path for our consciousness and mainly linked to our brain muscles. The main part of our inner consciousness is the Pineal gland. Use of Nasya drops indirectly strengthen this gland, i.e. makes you consciously aware.

Daily 2 drops of Nasya in both nasal cavity, helps any mental patients to the normal position. It’s highly recommended that, don’t use it without your physician’s or Doctors consent. For more info, you can contact us or mail us.

Desi cow ghee benefits for hair –

Desi ghee is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, which are suitable to nourish our scalp. Ultimately, it acts as a conditioner and repairs hair loss, dryness, frizziness, and damaged hairs. This is one of desi ghee benefits experimentally tested.

Is Desi ghee good for hair fall?

Yes, Desi ghee has a good source of vitamin A which helps your hair keeps moisturised, Silky and healthy for a long time. But the ghee should be “curd churned” and in a traditional way. Don’t use cream skimmed ghee, it is not so effective as compared to Dahi or curd churned ghee.

Also, a rich source of vitamin D makes your hair roots strong and supports hair growth. Also, prevents Premature Greying.

Desi cow ghee benefits for eyes –

To get better and healthy eyesight, you should apply desi ghee in your naval hole daily in the morning after the bath. Applying in the naval hole and gently massaging it for 1-2 min. gives great results in just 15-20 days. In this way, your eyesight will get improved, your lips getting red or pink, naturally. Even whatever problems you have in your body part, the naval knows well how to heal it. Hence, desi ghee applying in it, your inner body’s weak parts gets healed indirectly.

After some time it also glows your skin also. Eating plenty of desi ghee on Regular basis makes you all-around healthy, intelligent, shiny, smart and disease-free human for a long time. This is the power of Indian Desi Cow Ghee. That’s why is a holy food in Indian Hindu culture and traditions.

Benefits of desi ghee with hot milk –

The only thing we have to ensure is the authenticity of the ghee and the purity of the milk. All these benefits are only due to the consumption of 100% pure and organic grass-fed cow milk and ghee.

  • Improves Digestive Systeme.
  • Helps to purifies the blood.
  • Balances metabolism.
  • Energy Booster for Next working day.
  • Improves sleeping habits.
  • Highly helpful for Pitta Dosh Patients, (We strongly recommends to drink A2 Milk with desi ghee.)
  • Best for Stressed People (Effectively used in Insomnia)
  • Maintains Healthy Skin
  • Reduces Possible Risk of Heart Stokes or Heart Attacks in midnight.

Use of Desi ghee and Indian Cow Dung in Havana or Yajna

From ancient time, In India, fire sacrifice has been going on. Means, during yajna, on cow dung they used to drop pure desi cow ghee. It is to be said that, it was used to impress Agni devata(God of Fire).

Ultimately, in scientific terms, it’s been benefited to all aspects of socio-environment. In old times there were timely monsoon arrives. After performing yajna, the energy level around it balances the bio-ecological developments. Consequently, it has led to peace and prosperity in all life forms.

Burning of desi ghee with desi cow dung generates 10s of tonnes of life-supporting oxygen in the environment. The by-product, i.e. ash from burnt cow dung, is used for many purposes. As Dant Manjan, as Biofertilizer for trees or farming. Even this ash has 60% of oxygen which is used for purification of water(As water filter). That is purely chemical-free, natural, and organic water purifier.

We will discuss it in latter posts.

But now It is the need of time to perform Agni-Hotra or Yajna in every house, to tackle environmental crisis.


Future of Desi ghee benefits –

It has lots of benefits and usage in all aspects of the modern lifestyle. Day by day we are getting a very busy and hectic schedule of work. The chances are very low to live disease-free life, due to invasion of chemically grown foods, fruits and vegetable, and especially fast foods.

As a professional and high-class society member enjoys this indigestible food. And we always go to the doctors to seek remedy on it. But it is now proved that allopathy medications have shown many side effects on abusive usage of medicines for a long time

The alternative has remained that, to adapt Organic foods, Natural foods to give healthy and nature-friendly environment to our children. In this scenario, desi ghee plays a vital role in all aspects.

In Summary –

Desi ghee benefits have lots of potentials to treat as many as disease available nowadays. But the fact that it should be tested with experiments in laboratories. Testing, concluding pieces of evidence and test cases must be made shared. So, everyone will be able to use side effect free desi ghee benefits for their prosperous life.

Above we discussed as possible benefits as we could. If anything remained we will update it later, with proper researching on it. If any reader wants to share personal experience on desi ghee benefits, you are most welcome to share with us. Don’t hesitate about it. We want to spread knowledge base as wide as we can, with the latest information.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article on desi ghee benefits. Share this with your loved one to live a healthy and prosperous life.

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