65+ Best Business for housewife without investment [2020]

Best Business for housewife without investment

Creative and Innovative Business for housewife without investment empowers every woman to live like a Queen. Todays hectic, complicated lifestyle and relationship problem’s made women lonely and weak in every aspect. Government and news media abusing women indirectly mentioning Women Empowerment.

Empowering women financially and socially active is the only way to make gender equality. Educated women run after jobs for money. But in this article, we have given some comprehensive ideas which will be the world’s best home-based business opportunities and Business for housewife without investment.

We are going to discuss why there is a need for Business for Housewife without Investment?

Business for housewife without investmentChanging Lifestyle and Nature of Desire

Most of the women belong to a financially weak family or they wouldn’t have any access to money for personal use. Most of the Women are excited for dedicated monthly or weekly shopping oriented. So they need money.

Another problem is the health issues specific to women’s health. Women are physically weaker than men but they have immense potential to do mental work. So, Business is a Mental job. Also, most of the women are emotionally intelligent, they know how to use the money, where and why.

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This led them to become an Entrepreneur. This makes them experienced one. But the question makes us asleep, as “From where should we bring money to start a Business?”

But don’t worry, this article is dedicated to those who don’t have money or don’t want to invest money to start a Business for housewife without investment. That’s why most probably we write this for Business Ideas for housewife which will benefit in all way.

Nature’s Role in Developing Entrepreneurship Quality –

Entrepreneurs are not to be borne but to be made. So dare to big dreams. If you think big then and then you would become successful or at least you would get to know the experience. This experience will be the pathfinder for your next business journey. Its Nature’s rule. Follow Natures rule, nature will fulfil your Dream.


Have faith and confidence in you. Without this, you can’t inspire yourself. Don’t depend or even expect to get inspired or motivated for business. You and only you can do anything. Your thoughts and dreams should be your inspiration for your Business journey.

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Always focus on peoples problem. Peoples problem means Bigg Opportunity to be an Entrepreneur and to do a Business for housewife without investment.

For that, you should have some questions in your head. Let’s see what it is?

Business for housewife without investment – Frequently asked Questions

What is the best business for beginners?

First of all, you should know your interest and passion to do any work for free. No matter it gives you money or not. Just find your passion, it gives you better insights on your future business prospects.

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After that, you could get rough Idea about your Interested work which is the problems of people around you meet or see. Means, you have to find your interesting work to be used to solve other’s problem.

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Always remember, there will be a business if and only if most of the people facing Some Problems, which is no one is solving it or till now no one is solved it more effectively. Get this opportunity, prepare for those problems and solutions, try to solve those problems in a professional way. This is what a First criterion you should have in your mind.

Like this, you should research on your methodology, techniques and types of work, to be solved in less time effectively. In this way, you automatically get the answers to the above question. We listed some of those Business Ideas for Women.

Which work is best for housewife? – If you are Educated

Nowadays, most of the housewives are educated and at least they know how to read, write and teach. She can probably use these skill sets to start earning from home without any investment.

1. As a Teacher – Start Teaching or Tuitions or Coaching classes.

No matter what is your qualifications and level of education. If you have an interest in teaching passionately, it would make you a millionaire. Then, Start Home Tutions, Coaching classes etc.

But remember, you have to do differently than others, not so very different but the speciality, uniqueness or professionally and charge as low as other coaching classes charging them.

Business for housewife without investment
Business for housewife without investment

Today most of the coaching institutes and private classes are educating students to be like a competitor. Instead of this, your strategy should be to teach students, how to face challenges and problems in every subject, make them effective learner, tell them why should we are studying these subjects, “What are important and challenges for learning in today’s digital world, societies changing behaviour and cultural changes around us”.

Learn it. Analyse-it critically makes some future prospects which are going to be problematic for our society, then teach them in the same way as usual but using contemporary situations. This enhances students social skills, analyzing skills, plus general trends which are good or bad for us. 

2. Dance Teacher – Business for housewife without investment

Start watching YouTube and other online videos, learn from dances, if you have an interest in dancing. Nowadays, hip hop dancing and our cultural classical dances becoming very famous and gaining more popularity. Learn it freely online and start giving best services.

3. Clothing business – Best Business for housewife without investment

Today, this Business has become to be very popular and competitive in India. You can check on Social Media. Everyone is selling anything at a cheap rate. This is because some reselling apps started reselling business techniques.

You have to download this app, register on it, start sharing it to your friends, colleagues, family and relatives. This is the best business opportunity for school, college students, housewives or any unemployed one to earn up to INR 50000/- per month, only using your smartphone, good internet connection on it, that’s it. The apps are given below, these are trusted and secured app’s to earn money online, especially in the clothing business.

  1. Meesho
  2. Glowroad
  3. Shop101
  4. Milmila
  5. Wishbook

Note – Above Apps only works in India. For other countries please stay tuned for my next post.

What is a good business for a stay at home mom?

If you live in metro cities, you probably see most of the housewives are working professionals. Both husband-wife joins company jobs for 8-12 hours a day. Their hectic lifestyle made an opportunity for other housewives to earn money while staying at home. Some list of business ideas given below,

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Altarnative Profitable Business for housewife without investment is,

  1. Open Daycare centre.
  2. Start Mess Tiffin services (at your home or home delivery).
  3. Morning Breakfast services(nearby your home or at your home).
  4. You can get contracts for various cafeterias or Hotels (Target should be Company workers who are from other states working here).
  5. Tea stall.
  6. Share your 2-3 BHK flat to working or college Girls.
  7. Craft Hand Made Jewellery and share it with your existant neighbours or customers(if you have existance one of the above business.).
  8. Spices, Masala, Chutteney etc making at Home, sell it nearby your locality or even nowsdays you can sell it online.
  9. Stiching or Apparels alteration work.
  10. Start Beuty Parlour, Spa or Massage center (Authenticated and Legal).
  11. Harbal Products Marketing (Side business).
  12. Beauty Products marketing (Side Business).
  13. Indoor Playing Facility for Women Groups like Table pool(snookers), carrom, chess, table tannis, badminton, scating classes, martial arts-karate classess(If you have more space at your home).

Above some points you can consider as a joint or side business ideas for ladies

What business can I do as a housewife?

If you are interested in health, wellness and Fitness category, below are the most relevant business ideas for housewives –

1. Organic Fresh vegetable cultivation on rooftops

Most of the food eating habits and modern lifestyle made us prone to some severe diseases like diabetics, Blood pressure, mainly mentally ill and physically weak. This is due to chemically grown foods, vegetables, etc. If you have little space to keep pots and sow seeds for day to day needy vegetables.

Using some cow/buffalo dungs, uring or other kitchen wastes, grow vegetables. These grown vegetables are called as Organically Grown Vegetables. When your neighbours, especially IT workers, see this your work, they will demand you for this vegetable. Then you would sell it. Likewise, you can grow home-based organic agro products and you can sell it to nearby local shops, online, etc.

2. Aloe vera farming/aloe vera cultivation –

Aloe vera has many medicinal benefits. It is a valuable plant in Ayurveda. For cultivation, it doesn’t require money, water, sun, etc, but demands only some space. The process is the same as explained above, growing organic vegetables.

You can extract its jelly part at home and use for solely for yours. You can make some by-products of it using online videos. You get a lot of information about “How to” on YouTube.

3. Fitness trainer –

Today’s young generation very interested and cautious about health, look, and Personality. Get the opportunity, learn it, be a master of it and your future will be healthy and prosperous.

4. Start Yoga and Meditation centre –

Indian Prime Minister Shri Modi contributed to making awareness about our ancient fitness mantra globally and now we celebrate it as an Internation Yoga day. Now it becomes a business. Due to the modern lifestyle, eating habits weaken most of the young population. Get the problems of people and solve it. And here yoga and meditation help you.

5. Become an Ayurvedic Health Consultant – Watching YouTube Videos

In the last 4-5 years, on YouTube you will get healthy and fitness related videos, creating by knowledgable vloggers. The intention was to spread awareness of a healthy and medicine-free lifestyle because allopathy medicines showing some side effects by heavy usage. If you are really interested in health, I would suggest please get aware of “What are Ayurveda and Punchagavya?”

If you see videos you indirectly become Ayurvedic doctor at Home, without any degree of course. Just You need an Internet connection or good speed data connection. 

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My self, Personally I have been following Late Rajiv Dixit‘s recorded speech videos. He has explained very effectively. Watch his videos you will become automatically Ayurvedic and Panchagavya Doctor. 

You have to try on your self and see results. This gives you confidence after watching his videos and you would become Ayurvedic consultant. I guarantee you. Your aim should be to help needy one in cheap prices as compared to Allopathy doctors—his formulas have proven techniques.

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Small scale Business for housewife without investment –

Business Opportunities During Recession
Business Opportunities During Recession

The small scale business includes some physical and commercial activities locally on digitally. These are listed below,

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List of Common Business for housewife without investment – 

Below we have given some Business Ideas for women, and it may depend on your physical activity capacity. Please do it at your convenience.

Physical – 
  1. Land rent mobile tower.
  2. School van driving for exclusive children or girl schools and colleges.
  3. Hand made earthen pots – attractive clay pots or toys.
  4. Make attractive bamboo or wooden pots (From scraped) – to be used as a decorative item in the high-class family.
  5. Make Children’s toys – From waste plastics and clothing materials.
  6. Event management.
  7. Mehandi designing services.
  8. Bulk Bengals selling in Family Functions.
  9. Bulk Wholesaling Business.
  10. Retail Business – Locally or Online.
  11. Ladies Garment shop – locally or online.
  12. Start a stationery shop.
  13. Xerox shops near schools and colleges.
  14. Mobile shop – mobile recharges, accessories, online payment transfer, Railway-Bus-Air ticket booking services.
  15. If you have enough space at your home – start an Internet cafe.
    Fill online Government job forms, children – school colleges admissions form filling.
  16. If you are an engineer – Mobile, Laptop, Desktop repairing, and accessories selling a business.
  17. If you know VB, Java, Python – Make a simple and small Tax calculation, inventory management, etc software.
  18. Government Scheme related services.
  19. Tea, Snacks stall, Lunch-Dinner services – If you are Living near a tourist spot.
  20. Lodging, resort – If you are Living near a tourist spot.
  21. Kirana Shop
  22. Getting Bulk orders for Birthday Party, small family functions food making services.
  23. Fruit Juice Service.
  24. If you live near forest areas – Learn Ancient Ayurvedic literature as to collect and sell Ayurvedic herbs and other medicinal plants online or nearby urban areas or cities.
  25. Making valuable products from scraped or old items.
Digitally – Online business at home without investment

Blogging, YouTubing and Podcasting is the top-rated online business at home without investment similar to home-based Business for housewife without investment. This business idea requires small investment like Internet connection, Domain Name and web hosting purchase, some paid tools purchase, etc. Depending on your capacity you can start a home-based business for housewives. 

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  1. Data Entry Work
  2. Social Media Marketing.
  3. Giving various digital services – Money Transfer. Online forms filling, Bank account opening(like Kotak 811)
  4. Book appointment for Health check-up using this appSellTm App
  5. Become YouTuber – Make exclusive and relevant videos as per your interest.
  6. Become a Blogger — Start writing articles on Health, Food, Lifestyle, Technology, Politics, Education, awareness, News, etc.
  7. Become a Content Creator for Various News Agencies, YouTubers or Bloggers.
  8. Become an SEO expert and start promoting online services – Freelancing on Fiverr, Upwork SEOCleark, etc.
  9. Make DIY at home using a smartphone and increase your followers on Pinterest to drive US traffic to your blog and earn money online using Google Adsense approval.
  10. Affiliate Marketing.
  11. Learn Adobe illustrate, Photoshop and CorelDraw – Become a graphic designer and start selling online services like logo making, pamphlet-brochure making, photo editing, printing business.
  12. Fill Online Paid Surveys and earn up to 15k per month using ysense Neobux, BuxInside, etc.
  13. Consulting – Home Decoration, Supplying Made services, Car washing.
  14. Earning Commission by mediating between two B2B – Third-party Consultation like wine shop License Selling, land, home, flat, shop lease and sell.
  15. Become Freelancer – Use Fiverr, Upwork, etc online platforms.

Way Forward for Business for housewife without investment

We have given some relevant and trending business ideas for women, housewife and moms, to do business without any investment.

We always recommend our reader, to find your passion for what you want to do. Don’t run for the money. We again say, Your Passion will bring you More Money.

Remember Key Mantras for any Business to be Successful –

  • Passion
  • Self Confidence
  • Patience
  • Consistant Dedication
  • Learn from Failure
  • Optimistic
  • and Mainly Problem Solver

We will bring you the most trending Online Earning Strategy for New Bees.

Thanks for the Reading Business for housewife without investment.

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