The Kashmir Issue – Article 370 and Its Historical Perspective [2019]


The Kashmir Issue – You Should get basic aspects before Judging Removal Article 370 and 35A

For the first time after the General Elections of 2019, the BJP government, taking a very Brave and Bold decision about Kashmir Issue and removed Article 370 and 35A from the Indian Constitution. Using these provisions (Special Provision for Jammu & Kashmir) made Bleed India with a Thousand Cuts.

Congress didn’t do much opposition in this matter. This step was indeed very risky and sensitive. In the 70 years of independence, all the government that came, could not make such a big loss. BJP has succeeded in every aspect of it. This does not mean that the BJP is in power, they have more seats in the Parliament, they can make any Law, Rules, and Regulations, there is nothing like that. Let us understand this.

How Kashmiri Muslims settled in the Valley?

When India was becoming independent, the British rule very cleverly divided the whole of India on religious grounds. At that time, Hindus and Muslims lived in a very hateful environment with each other.

The living culture and traditions of the Muslims were very different or mostly opposite from that time Hindus and provoked reproach in each other and still exists. In today’s India, the number of these Muslims was scattered before independence.

Mostly they lived in a large population in 20 such provinces of Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, North-West Frontier (in present-day Pakistan), Balochistan, etc. It was natural for them to be situated at these places due to the geo-climatic conditions with economic activity of that time. They were mostly scattered in parts. Apart from this, he also had a reality in today’s Pakistan.

Little insights before Partition – Before Kashmir issue

Seeing the differences between this religious and ritualism, Britishers misled these religious leaders. They created some kind of confusion against each other, that Hindus and Muslims kept fighting with each other at every step.

You may have read or seen Mahabharata and Ramayana, so you must have understood the diplomatic rule of the British. I think, that the British may have read our Hindu scriptures more closely and using the same knowledge, strategies to rule Hindustan like a sole Proprietor or King for 150 years in the same style as written in scriptures.

Whatever happened to the good, we kept on saying so. This is correct too. Because at that time, more people were illiterate than the condition and manner. The leaders who used to make peoples “Emotions”, psychologically they used to follow that leader and are still doing it today. They did not think much about what is good or wrong. Rather, these people used to discuss more what is bad, and what was getting worse, discuss together. And this gives rise in Kashmir issue

I am not saying that they were doing it all wrong, rather I want to say that, how Britishers used these peoples emotion’s and passionate nature of the people and made many changes, rules and regulation in their religious, economic, social lives and consequently forced these people to fight each other. The British had recognized all this, especially on Kashmir issue. They were master of this kind of diplomatic activity.

That is why we have mistaken that in our internal affairs, we included foreigners and made them Judges. Still, this long Britisher’s Political culture is going on today in the many forms, we can’t analyze, understand or even predict why and how we trapped in these basic problems. This was the reason why our Indian Muslims, Britishers misled them and used the political party of that time “Muslim League” intelligently.

Role of King(Raja) Hari Singh, Sheikh Abdulha and Britishers – The Kashmir Issue

The Kashmir issue also trapped in the same situation. King Hari Singh of Kashmir, at that time neither he wanted to join Pakistan nor to India. Instead, he alway’s wanted and believed his state(Kashmir), an Independent State, where the majority of the population was Muslim and the king was Hindu. But the well-educated man, named Sheikh Abdullah had his dreams like this king. His western mindset forced him to think a little aggressive.

He saw that 90% of the people here doing labour work or small scale businesses, most of them were Muslims. They do not have their own house or property there. 10% of the people here were Hindus.

This 10 % of people control’s 90% of the property of Kashmir, and that was the right of these Hindus. With this feeling of inequality, he showed sympathy to the Muslim workers there, spread awareness, and attracted those Muslim communities towards him. They began to understand that they have the fundamental right to stabilize the same Muslim community there. It was in this spirit that the people of Kashmir began to understand their messiah for Sheikh Abdulah.

Britishers took this opportunity for Business purpose. But most of the thinkers, today beliving on historical books. Rather, I would like to highlight them that, How and Why this kind of sentiments and emotions emerged in an educated man as Sheikh Abdulah?

This same is also happening to the other youths, teenager’s who lived in that valley and watching these developments in front of them. From whom this Ideology spread?

I am not opposing this ideology but instead highlighting the negative side of the Western Ideology leads both the nations internal matters were being discussed with foreign powers and on the International forum’s. This situation is totally shameful.

Foreign Powers have always been using these strategies to control our or any geo-climatic prosperous resources, population, cultural tradition, etc. The same Strategy, Britisher’s were been using from the last 300 years till the Partition.

How Jammu and Kashmir Joined Indian Dominion?

The same situation happening with Kashmir valley. Indirectly foreign powers using Pakistan and regional powers for their personal interests. In this condition, people of Kashmir facing 7 decadal Kashmir issue.

Most of the Kashmiri Pandits had been forcefully removed from that place. Lots of terror activities being done from a long period of time. Even foreign powers classifying good and bad terrorists. What are Good Terrorists and Bad Terrorists? What is the difference between them? Is it relevant for our all aspectual progress of humanity?

Just think of it. If you say Jammu and Kashmir is an Integral Part of Indian Dominion. From which basis Indian’s arguing or claiming the J&K is an integral part of India? The answer is Instrument of Accession, signed in the pressure of Pakistan’s cruel attack on Kashmiri land and resources.

Their motive to attack Kashmir to get control of it for future economic and cultural aspects. That time Raja Hari Singh, who approached Indian side for the protection of the land but not to join Indian Dominion.

The of Home minister Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the then intellectually thinker, this is a Kashmiris own problem. For their protection why we underestimate our soldier’s lives. If and if, the Kashmir is our territory, then and then we will help for that land. This led to Jawaharlal Nehru and Vallabhai Patel difference of opinion. But Nehru offered to join Indian dominion for getting help.

Many times Hari Singh rejected the offer but got ready to sign it on that moment when Pakistani soldiers covered 90% of Kashmir land only Shrinagar airport remained safe. This situation forcefully signed Instrument of Accession for Kashmiri King. And instead, he urged Nehru for Protection of Kashmiri Peoples Future, Sole rights, etc. Likewise, Nehru also promised for the same as he wished.

What are the aspirations of People of Kashmir?

Dla Lake Kashmir
Dal Lake Kashmir

We know that Democratic rule improves peoples welfares, prosperity by allowing fundamental rights. I agree with it. But at the time of 1947 Kashmir was in a different situation. People of Kashmir was in favour of Raja Hari Singh’s Favour. But that times Pakistani attack was shocked by King Hari Singh and he decided for the sake of their People (“Praja or Janata“).

The geopolitical location of Kashmir is very crucial for today’s Internations Politics. Whole world’s eye’s and ear’s on this issue since 1990s militant uprising surged drastically in this valley.

Other than Pakistan, western interests were and still being involved with sponsored terrorism using local innocent people. No one Kashmiri’s wants to be a Militant. They alway’s been demanding and protesting for their freedom. It’s obvious for any humankind for their trust and dignity. It’s their right to protest. But the style of protest being misused by local separatist leader’s is very unethical.

These Separatist leaders being funded and supported by mostly Pakistan and some other Western Powers. Without the involvement of western interest, there wouldn’t be any developments, especially the formation of Terrorist’s groups with many names and faces.

We (Indian-Pakistan) should understand these international politics as Britishers did with partition. Why both sides of people can’t understand these politics? Is they blame each other on behalf of foreign interest?

How and why lead’s Removal of Article 370 from the Indian Constitution?

The simple and most heard answer for this question is Terrorism and Socio-Economic Developmental issue‘s. These are the primary reason stated by the ruling government. But the fact is that, in my research, The geopolitical location Jammu and Kashmir.

In 1962, you can analyze the invasion of Chinese in the Aksai Chin, the part of Laddakh. Why Chinese invaded this area only? The reason is that again the geopolitical location of that area. They were precisely predicted for the security of their own interest in that area.

Even today, India not even dared to discuss the issue with the Dragon(The China), even India has been claiming, its one of her own integral part of the territory. This indirectly affects Kashmir issue.

Why didn’t India dared to raise the question on the restoration of this area with Indian Territory? The answer is Article 370. This provision safeguards the interest of J&K with their Legislative Assembly alone, but not with Indian Parliament.

So the abolition of article 370, empowers the Indian Parliament to force the ruling government to open the discussion with Chinese counterpart regarding restoration of Aksai chin Part.

Ultimately this provision was encouraging, flourishing the outsiders. Also, they were using these political right for the settlement of outsiders Muslims, it may be Pakistani Muslims or Chinese Muslims.

Many people migrated in this valley on the behalf of terror funding groups and instead they obliged to fulfil their interest with the people of Kashmir and likewise with Indian Military Security forces. These people were using this provision as an umbrella for many years for greedy purposes. We can’t understand, how people of Kashmir’s brainwashing was being done.

Many facts are to analyzed only with visiting the ground reality basis. This is why Indian people were trying to say to the world about the removal of Article 370. It’s not as simple as you think.

Since Independence, no ruling government dared to thought about Removal of Article 370. But this Modi 2.0 government did bravely and intelligently using all aspects of implications. They were planing since 2014. No one has analyzed the Modi government’s secret agenda.

Pros and Cons of the Removal of Article 370 for Kashmir issue

Pros –

  1. Long term benefits for both the people of Kashmir and the people of India.
  2. It leads to developmental prosperity exclusively for the whole valley.
  3. Encourages harmony, equality, justice and Freedoms.
  4. Justices being done for all.
  5. Education, Technology, Cultural developments being done.
  6. Unity and Integrity will be strong among people.
  7. By the above pros, there will be no room for militants and terrorism.
  8. One Nation, One National Flag, One Head of the Government, One National Anthem, Equality before low and Justice, No corruption etc.

Cons –

    1. People of Kashmir lose the monopoly of their past right (Property Right).
    2. The people of Jammu & Kashmir will feel that the Indian government is forcing them to take away their old rights forcefully.
    3. There will be Riots and Violence in Pro Pakistan areas.

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