One Step Ahead – Online Money Making Strategy [2019]


Hello Friends, Finally I got approval from Google Adsense after 2 months. Its been a very depressive journey till now but looking optimistic for future of Blogging. This approval is nothing but One step ahead for online money-making. Its really amazing for me that ExpertYUVA helped me a lot about SEO and Unique Article writing strategies.

How is Online Money Making?


Guys, If you want to earn online, really in a Trusted and authentic way, without any doubt, then Blogging and Digital marketing the best way. Don’t think of that start today if you have a passion or even little of writing and knowledge sharing passion. In this Industry, you should be aware of content marketing.

Content Marketing is nothing but you are reading this article in the Text, Videos, Images, any Infographics or even Audio like a podcast. This the way we can share our knowledge or any information.

If you think, you would have some basic knowledge and want to tell everybody, should join digital medium technology like website or YouTube or a Podcasts. Search on google you will get millions of information about How To Start Blogging or How to create a Website like that.

One thing should be noted that You must have an Interest and Dedication in it about Content Creation, Researching on a Topics, Honest Article writing. This is the only way to Earning Money Online.

How to Start Blogging? How to do a Keyword Research? How to Write SEO Friendly Articles? How To Get Back-links? How to grow Organic Traffic? What is Eligibility for Applying for Googles Adsense Program?

Alternative to Google Adsense Programs to earn Money monetizing your website? etc Questions will be answered in coming articles. In this article, I am sharing my 3-month’s strategy for Online Money Making and Experienced Digital Marketer.

10 Basics you should know before starting your Blogging career & Online Money Making

  1. Finding Your Passion and Interest.- Know the bruce lee’s secret
  2. Finding Thinking Practical Prospects on it.
  3. Get the basic knowledge of Internet, Sever’s, Websites (Buying a domain name and Webhosting etc) Social Media platforms, Google Analytics-Adwords, Designing Softwares, etc.
  4. Research, you selected Industry, it’s called a Niche and try to be specific on your niche or you can go to a micro-level niche.
  5. Find a perfect domain name for your selected Miche or micro-niche.
  6. Start From or – Practicing SEO friendly articles before publishing your main Domain.
  7. How to use Free and Paid keyword research tools for your niche or articles to rank your site between the top 10 positions on Google’s first page.
  8. Learn What is On-page and Off-Page SEO for your articles.
  9. Learn How to create good links or backlinks.
  10. Joining discussion and community forums to grow reader’s or visitors.

My Insights –

This was my strategy before getting Google Adsense approval. But still, I have low organic traffic on this website. To earn from Adsense you need traffic. Traffic means your article readers.

Anyone can search on Google search engine for their desired information entering some Keywords in the combination of sentences of phrases. That entered keyword’s, google uses and show’s quality and best results available for the google alone, to the user, to satisfy user’s need, or what they were looking for.

This means, Google prefers only to those pages or articles, which are clean, quality written, without any plagiarized content or copyright or duplicate pages.

This the minimum condition to get starting Online Money Making strategy. On the Internet, there are so many tricks and tips available for many different ways to Earn Money Online. Like strat YouTubing, Selling others Products, Marketing on Social Media(It is a part of Digital Marketing) platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. We will discuss it in later posts.

Future of Blogging –

You could have heard about Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri etc, which are being used for Voice-based Searches on Smart Technologies like Smart TV, Smartphones etc. This Voice searching will be the Greate potential for Online Money Making strategy. Wherever you live, you should have proficiency over your mother tongue.

The local language will boost your Online Money Making Strategy. Learn of its basics, use your intelligence using available technologies and promote it on YouTube or on a website. This is the technique for future blogging and Online Money Making. You could even know, about 75% online users watching video’s to get How to” and “What is it” type queries to enhance their knowledge.

That’s why today, millions of videos being uploaded today. Get this opportunity to be a part of Digital Earning Community. This is a very interesting industry for “Earn While You Learn“.

Stay tuned for coming Online Money Making Tips & Tricks.