7 Top Strategies – Know Before Making Money Online [2019]

First of all, I want to ask you, Should we really need Money, and for what is the purpose we should earn money? Is really Making Money Online helps us to get more happiness and a worthy life to live? If yes then what type of happiness, growth it created for you and in how much period?? Anybody got that analysis? If yes please email me in your brief story.

Most of our readers asking for strategies about “How to make money online?“, to reveal such tactics by our website.

But I strongly recommend that, personally, please go through this article you would be able to find your ability and skill before asking How to make money online

Briefly know Making Money Online and Human Nature –

In my point of view (As I have literally in technical view that’s why I named my website name :P), Moneymaking is very crucial in our day to day activities. without money, you can’t bear a one time of “Roti“(Food). Nowadays “Money” is the King. Without money can’t help anyone. In our India, we worship money on the auspicious occasion like Diwali, Dussehra, Gudi Padwa, etc. On these days we Shop Valuable Stuff, Items with special reservations in some areas of India. These kinds of Activities need money. Without it, we can’t make our Holly traditions well auspicious with our family and relatives. So “Money hai toh Honey hai (in English Money is honey).

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Everyone Deserve to earn money and in my opinion, everyone has the Right to Earn Money. Earning money is not Rocket Science. Anyone can earn money easily. But thing is that what conditions in our life make us earn money. If you earn money from today, you will be able to live well and teach others how to live.

Making money is not a big deal. Nowadays, the fast pace of technology can make a good deal of sense and earn a very good level of income with the help of your skills. There are many young people in this country(India), who are making good reductions in their available technical skills even if they do not know much.

The problem of earning money is not only in India, but the whole world is concerned about it. Most developed countries do not seem to have the true stupor of growing unemployment here. Most of the people have always been trusted by governments that the government will do something for their job’s and businesses. In the last 75 years, since our independence, we have earned money and wealth from our own intelligence and been earning even today. Regardless of who is the government today in the country.

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Find Your Passion before making money online –

There are lots of ways to making money online. Before discussing all option’s for earning money first of all you should know yourself. Who are you, What is your Specialty, What is your Passion? What is your Interest? Answering all such questions is very important for you to know yourself.

I’ll recommend, You should ask your self one question honestly as, “What will be that Job or work you would do without money, without any condition or time which ultimately satisfies your interest of work?

This is the Million Dollar Question. Everyone has the right to ask and think such a question to himself or herself. Dare to Ask your self honestly at least for one time and think on it. You definitely get the right answer.

I am damn sure about this. I challenge you, it would realize you to reconsider whatever you are doing for the sake of money only. This question will guide you to make a better and effective decision for all aspects of your self-development.

All successful personalty started their success journey only asking lots of questions themselves many times a day at every point of they achieve their targeted goals.

Successful persons always spent maximum time alone, for themselves to get an understanding of “Are we doing our work in the right direction and Is my work satisfies myself and motivates me to do the given job further?” This is the ultimate strategy to find your exact passion before making money.

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Effective and Perfect way to take Steps towards Make Money Online


Step 1 – Start Investing in Your Self

I would consider you found your Interest and Passion. After that, you should make research on your passion. Means, find ways to showcase your work to the public. What will the platforms showcase your talent, skills or passion? Identify it. It would be Local Physical location or Virtual i.e Online or Digital location. It depends on your research skills.

Always remember, you should at least know the basics of what you are going to use that platform before people will loot you scared you. Knowledge of deciding the platform makes you confident and secure for any other scam’s. If not, that field’s master people ruin your passion before you stand there.

Once you decide your platform for your Passion or interest, do further research on your competitors work and success. Find the relevant ways to compete with your competitor without making any false impression on them. Try to communicate with them for guidance, success mantras etc. Build a community around you, as all should know “Who you are? For what you are doing this?” Show your skills in an impressive way such that they will become your die-hard fan etc.

Unless and until your communication and commitment to your work will struggle you most. Always remember communication is the only Key for getting success and fame before making money. That’s why I recommend you, start investing in yourself. Means, educate your self, learn everything you could, practice as much as possible for your work or interest, motivate others for what you are going as a passion, etc.

Step 2 – Study, Survey and Analyze your Passion or Interest

Once you decide your platform to showcase your passion, start surveying around your passion. Is your passion or interest makes you motivated for a longer period of time? Find the answer analyzing your own method of study. It must be effective, perfect and in a survey type. Realize the future potential for more engagement for your customers or audience. Write down it’s Pros and Con’s. “Will your passion or interest disturbs your future situation? If you are still single (Non-married), When you get married in the coming time, will you give your partner with more family problems? What will be the cost should I invest for My Passion or Interest till decent monetization your passion.”

Like these questionnaires, you should ask your self and get a satisfying answer’s before moving further steps. If not sure still in this step, go back to step one and repeat the task one more time. These types of self-study and analytical thinking make your personality more strong and confident enough to gain popularity in the future.

Step 3 – Have faith in your self

You must always be Optimistic about what you do. Have faith in your passionate work. One day your passion will Represent people as You are the Master of that Work. Look at successful personalities. They always believed in their work and made it their passion. Later they became a motivation for others. People will follow your footsteps.

Think like this. It makes you motivated. If not, go to YouTube, there are lots of motivational video’s, movies and series to enhance your passion to do what you love. Love your self. Only you can change your life. Don’t expect others who guide you for what you passionate about. Be an inventor in your selected industry or interest. These all are enough to get motived and getting faith in your passionate work. Always think about coming success day, that day will be only for you but nothing for others. All will come to you for good wishes for your success. Subconsciously Imagining all these scenarios ultimately develope reality. If you don’t believe it, please go to youtube and search for The Secret – Law of Attraction. It gives detailed insight into your selfdevelopment and making money by passion you have.

Step 4 – Have patience and Learn from Your Mistakes

Every sustainable development takes time. Time is the ultimate entity to show your progress. It makes you realize your passion. Know more, everything From zero to Pro about your passion. Do more practical trials before you get a lot of work in less period of time. People will start believing in your work. At that time if you make silly mistakes without having skilled rectification techniques, they will abandon you very quickly. That moment you will lose your hard-worked passion. It will be truly unfortunate for you. So if you want to avoid these mistakes be aware of your strength and weaknesses. If you don’t know about your strength’s and weaknesses, analyze your mistakes from your work. It will immensely help you to get an insight into your weakness and strength. So that you need patience. Without patience, you can’t find mistakes and without mistakes, you can’t get to know your strength and weaknesses.

Step 4 is very crucial for your personality development. All Job interviewer, Influential business owner always tries to get this aspect of personality in their employers or employees. They expect an employee should be clear and honest what they say at the time of interview. They check their patience, strength, and weakness. Even they got trained to observe their expression’s and analyze their truthness. It all comes from practice. Interviewer’s also made a lot of practices before interviewing a candidate.

That’s why the phrase comes into the light – “Practice makes Man Perfect.”

Step 5 – Always avoid getting Diverted your attention to other influential areas

Nowadays trendy technology makes you too busy with what you shouldn’t be. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc these social media platforms are very good for earning. Not for engaging your self as a consumer. You should be a seller in this social media platform. You have to think like this way. These platforms give more opportunities to monetize your passion or interest. Normal people are very emotional. They fall into this ocean and shares what sellers want to sell. This situation made someone earn and someone to share emotions. This is called distraction for a “shared Person”

In our society, you would found lots of distractions in the form of costumes, cultures, ideology, practices, etc. We are human we should follow our costumes and duties but don’t compromise with your passion. Instead, it makes you less interested and passionate about you want. Compromising with your passion gives you less impression over your followers. Always set Rules for your Passion. Always be Strict. Don’t hesitate to leave society or family before your Passion. This is what all successful personality did in their life. And you see them now where are they stands.

Step 6 – Way’s to monetize your Passion

There lots of possibilities to make money from any platform. As I said earlier, the Physical and Digital platform will sail you. Physical Platform means Local Area where you most of the times do shopping, auto servicing, cinemas, schooling, etc. Its a limited for a particular area of public. This is a traditional way to set up a business with the local audience.

You should have noticed that we all are being to be Digitalized in today’s date. Our Honorable Indian Prime Minister Passionately inaugurated “Digital India Programm“. The motive behind this was that the people of India should be digitally literate. Coming future would going to be All Digitalised. People must be aware of the basics of Digital Knowledge i.e. Computer, Internet, Microsoft Office, Designing Softwares, Hardware, Digital Payment system’s, etc.

Do you know the potential reach of the digital world as compare to physical reach of public or audience?

That is the motive behind to write this article in detail about making money online. Very few percentages of people are aware and know a genuine way of making money online. Even all are aware or seen lots of online scam’s, money laundering, fraud’s, hacking, etc. These kinds of happening make artistic people stay away from an Internet business. It’s not their fault to stay away from increasing their online presence which ultimately and fastly increases their business in a short period of time. But their inability to understand and learning habit’s of “How and Why it happened? What will be the solution for it? How to stay secured? etc” made them Isolated for years. And the Internet became a Nightmare for them. Nowadays advanced technology is mostly secured and all digital income generators getting decent earning’s day by day. So should try for Digital Platform for your work. It is cost-effective, easy, fast, secure and very user-friendly.

This internet and other online Technology created Millions of online jobs as a Digital Marketing, Data Entry, Online Survey, E-commerce website for all around the globe make’s one market place from anywhere of the world. This is incredible. You should get an advantage as soon as possible. I personally recommend Chose Digital Platform for your passionate career.

Step 7 – Deciding Your Passionate Profile – Professional or Business Entrepreneur

Its all depends on your choice of industry you work. You may opt as a professional online service provider like

  1. Online Tutor
  2. Graphics Designer
  3. Freelancer
  4. Data Entry
  5. Programming language Developer
  6. Website Developer
  7. Web server maintainer
  8. Blogger
  9. YouTuber
  10. Article writer etc.

But if someone passionate about dancing, acting, drama, painting, singing, instrumental, etc. They also have options to get an online presence to showcase their art. Even this digital platform is the only way to get billions of audience in a single place.

One thing should be remembered throughout the life or till last breath, “Consistent Smart Hard Working is the Key for Success for any Kind of Passion.”

For other non-skilled people, there are other options to make money online as follows

1. Selling old stuff online using OLX or Quicker apps or websites.
2. Online Survey taking
3. Skill development and training classes
4. Zero budget Trading business 
5. Providing Services in a nearby locality.
6. Delivery Services like swingy, food panda
7. Job Consultancy website
8. Visiting local business and making their business online using Google apps
9. Property selling and buying etc.

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Conclusion –

These all about getting an essential basic knowledge of setting up an online business or getting to start making money online. All digital people must have known to them but what about newbies, teenagers, children who even don’t know about a-b-c-d…of Digital world. This article is dedicated to my newcomers or reader in the Digital World where they going to trap in “Maya-Jaal“. All digital marketer is busy in marketing their or companies product. But newcomer doesn’t understand it, what was that? what is going on the internet? Who and How are this managing in an impressive way.?

All these questions will be solved in the coming article’s.

By the way Thanks for the reading my long post about strategy before making money online.

Pro Blogger, Content Creator, SEO Expert and Solo Entrepreneur.

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