3 Bruce Lee Secrets – Boosts your Strength and Inner Peace


Bruce Lee – An Inspirational Personality for Youths to prove your strength

Hello Friends, The real-life hero made up of hidden secrets but in this article, I am going to reveal bruce lee secrets. Bruce Lee’s inspirational story to prove your strength wow! Which inspired me, and I hope it inspires you to understand the basics before you begin to everything. This inspirational Secrets of Bruce Lee and his experience helps your thoughts, thinking process, Imagination and mostly Knowing yourself. This is all about bruce lee facts.


Bruce Lee – Lion of Kung Fu Master

Bruce Lee (Chinese official name Lee Jun-fan) was a great Martial Art and Kung Fu master in history. How did he achieve such a big place in his life in a short time, what were his secrets? I read the letters written by him, and through this, I got an opportunity to know him. I want to share all those things with you here. I call him crazy bruce.

Nobody expected in 1970 that a 27-year-old thin-voiced Asian young man who was not getting any work in Hollywood would become an international superstar of the 20th century in just 4 years.

Writing A Letter to Himself – To Prove Your Strength

Bruce was not expecting but was quite sure. That year he wrote himself a letter, this letter gives insights on bruce lee secrets. Even this gave me an answer to question why is bruce lee famous?

My Definite Chief Aim, I will be the biggest Chinese star in the United States (America). In return, I will perform the best as my most outstanding performance and actor. By the early 1980s, I will earn a name in the world and the 1960s. By the time I have 10 million dollars, I will live to my liking and achieve inner stability and happiness – Bruce Lee January 1969 “

Bruce Lee left (he died) 4 years after writing this letter. But in these four years, he changed the fate of films. He achieved more than his imagination. And also worked on his internal parity through Kung Fu and Taoism.

This letter was written by Bruce Lee when the production of the Green Hornet ceased and no one wanted to cast an Asian actor in the role. There was a huge shortage of money. A few days later Bruce’s father is no more. Then he had an accident while exercising.

Doctors said that you will never be able to do martial arts. But Bruce Lee’s confidence in him never waned. His letter was also full of confidence. But where did this confidence come from under Bruce Lee?


Bruce lee secrets – Searching Inside him

We don’t know the full answer but from Bruce Lee’s 2 Letters which are featured in “Letters of the Dragon” and “Striking Thoughts“. You can apply some ideas from them.

In 1971, when 21-year-old Bruce was studying at the University of Washington, he wrote this letter to his friend Pearl Tso living in Hong Kong. One of bruce lee friends.

He wrote, “Dear Pearl, this letter may be difficult to understand, it contains my dreams and my thinking, I may not be able to write properly, yet I want to share my heart with you. Please read this letter with an open heart.

There are 2 ways to live a good standard of living, one is that people have been doing hard work and keep going with the crowd. And the second is the Imagination, which also involves hard work.

There is no harm in the first way. But fate kisses his footsteps, which he dares to think and do what no one has done yet. This is the story of every industry and profession. And today America is the place where a good idea and hard work can make a person anything. Kung Fu is a part of my life, this art has made my character and thinking.

I practice Kung Fu on all three levels, physical, mental, and spiritual. Kung Fu is an ancient Martial Arts. But Judo and Karate, which are its minor forms, are becoming quite prevalent in America. Because nobody here heard the name of Kung Fu, nor is there a competent master here. No exceptions to this, I still have many years to work on my art and character. But I believe that my years of hard work entitles me to teach Kung Fu to America.


The time has come to open the first Kung Fu Institute, which will spread branches across the US in the next 10-15 years. My only desire is not money. I want to tell the whole world about Chinese art. I love teaching and helping people. Together I want to make a good home for my family. But the most important thing is that kung fu is a part of my life. My life will be around it.

I know that my idea is correct and the results will also be satisfactory. I am not much worried about my future and the result. But I want to start the machinery to spread Chinese Martial Arts, which will go on its own. My contribution will be my success.”

Finding the Real Power Inside – Spiritual Strength and Inner Peace

Friends, one day, electrical genius scientist Dr Charles P Steinmetz was asked the question, “which such Invention will change the world in the next 25 years?” Hearing the question, Dr. calmed down for several minutes. Then he said, “Spiritual Power“. This civilization will increase manifold when a person recognizes the Spiritual Power Inside him and awakens him by improving science, business, life, etc. all are Bruce Lee Secrets.

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Do You Really know What is Love?

Bruce Lee goes on to say in the letter, “I feel that I have that spiritual and creative power that has grown from any strength. When I join, my mind automatically gets drawn to it and any There is no place of fear, doubt.

When a stone falls in the water, many waves takes shape and extend outwards and fill the entire pond. And exactly in the same way, it will happen when I give Love and Spiritual Strength to my Martial Arts in the form of action and hard work.


So all the obstacles will be crossed one by one. I currently have only a small basement. But I clearly see in my mind the excellent building of 5-4 storey of Kung Fu Institute. I don’t get discouraged quickly, and I can easily see, visualize myself crossing obstacles and achieving impossible goals.

I do not know if this is a divine order or not, but I feel indomitable strength and Inner energy which I cannot say in words. All my goals and planning are for achieving an Inner Peace of mind. I know that peace of mind will not increase due to external success and resources. For this, I will live my life with Zen and Taoism.

In future, people will say that I run after success, but the truth is that my desire to do Kung Fu does not start with greed but starts with the information that “I can get it done”. This dream is my natural quality. Because there is no doubt in my mind about this

Friends, dreams are the only ones that make them come true by dreaming. Can one be targeted without aiming ??

Best wishes.

Your Bruce Lee

Three Bruce Lee secrets –

In the whole letter, we got bruce lee secrets at 3 places why he was so confident which ultimately prove your strength.

1. When I connect with it, my mind automatically gets pulled towards it and there is no room for any kind of scepticism.

Spiritual Strength

2. I do not get discouraged quickly, and can easily visualize myself crossing obstacles and achieving impossible goals.

Inner Peace

3. When I give love and spiritual strength to my martial arts in the form of action and hard work. So all the obstacles will be crossed one by one.


When there are no thoughts and emotions for fear, doubt, disappointment, etc inside the human being, then Confidence and Creativity are awakened in him/herself. Bruce Lee may have inadvertently conquered the flow of fear, doubt, and thoughts by focusing on Martial Arts, perhaps because of it, he had become so confident to prove his strength.


Concluding words on bruce lee secrets

Bruce Lee corresponded with his friends, family and business associates until the end of his life. His letters are very special because his written letters give us a peek inside his mind, what personal things he used to talk to the people around him, how his style of doing business must have been.

It was because of his love and affection for his Martial Arts that he was able to get inner peace, due to which his confidence became very strong. That is why I will try to give my readers the opportunity to identify themselves first in their lives, recognize their passion and inner strength and develop the ability to take right decisions at the right time. Spiritual Strength, Inner peace, Decision-making power and Self-confidence are the keys to every success and happiness for you have in life, these Bruce Lee Secrets made me think on contemporary issues.

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