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Need Walking for Weight Loss –

Hey buddy, did you know the slogan “Health is Wealth“? Why is it said that? I think you got the meaning of that phrase. But the fact is that even we know the truth, we failed to analyze it properly.

That’s why nowadays commercial entities increased their business day to day selling it to unaware families and persons. You need to decide what makes sense when your hard-earned money goes in the pockets of Doctors and medical business entities, even if they can’t guarantee the treatment provided to you effectively.


Our society is very busy in their self-interest activities where no one has the right strategy to tackle health issues particularly Weight Loss, even the doctor wouldn’t know and will fail to save your life.

The only way to get your life long presence in your loved one’s life to take care of your health only by you, not others. As our body functions differently besides our will. We eat whatever we want but after injecting food in our digestive system, we don’t have any control over our internal body functioning.

Before we get the point-wise plan for Walking for Weight Loss, please be noted that you should follow at least 5 points as explained below.

1. Get the right shoes  –

walking shoes - walking for weight loss
walking shoes – walking for weight loss

You need good quality shoes for walking. Why shoes only? Because our foot palm must be in a safe while walking and when you walk on the ground your walking affects your body parts, muscles. So that you need to be comfortable during walking. If you feel comfortable and confident enough, you will be 1 step ahead for losing weight.

You will get lots of branded shoes in a market where the shoes particularly developed for walking or jogging purpose. Before buying the chosen shoes, please get reviews online or opinion from friends or family.

2. Beware of weather conditions –

weather condition -walking for weight loss
weather condition -walking for weight loss

Once you decided to go for walking, you should be aware of the weather condition in your local area where you should walk easily with enough exercises. Weather condition indirectly affects our body parts, including internal body functioning.

As we have studied in our matriculation schooling in the name of physics and chemistry where physical weather conditions vary our Blood Pressure levels. If someone has abnormalities with Blood Pressure he/she would postpone the walking activity till normalized weather condition. If someone is strong enough to handle these conditions he/she would go walking activity.


One benefit of walking in the rainy season is that you will enjoy a lot of atmospheric beauty, swift airflow, greenery scenes around your walk which indirectly improves your hormonal activity and gives pleasure. These conditions indirectly pull you to get a walk. Also walking in this rainy weather with little warm and little cool environment helps you burn your calories indirectly.

3. Drink Fresh Water after walking –

One of the reasons to get fatty or obesity or gaining weight that improper drinking of water. Does it sense? Yes, I am saying the proper way of drinking water, you may lose 50 pounds in two months. No one knows how to and when to drink water. Drinking Coconut water every day is very great, but as per your affordability, you can do.

Proper Drinking of Water alone lose your weight

drinking water - walking for weight loss
drinking water – walking for weight loss

As always we drink water when we get thirsty. In that situation, we drink water fastly and that water goes directly in our stomach. But the science behind drinking water is that every human should drink water as animals do. Means take an only little amount of water (filling half our mouth) at a time is enough with rotating or shaking the water in our mouth which our saliva got mixed with water.

That our saliva mixed water goes in the stomach and our stomach needed that type of water only, not ordinary water. This type of water is extremely useful in our digestive system. It cleanses our intestines indirectly, maintains HCl concentration in our stomach.


This process indirectly decreases your fat levels in our body. As simple as the equation that our stomach contains acid (HCl) and our saliva is alkaline in nature. So ACID + ALKALINE gives neutral substance with energy release. So in this way, we lose weight fair enough without doing any exercise or walking or even without any diet plan.

4. Tracking devices and apps Weight Loss –

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Now day’s we got lots of apps or technologies to measure our health conditions. Modern technology gained a lot of praise to monitor our health status. The apps are as follows,

Search on Google Play store where you will get all reviews and management of the Apps.

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5. Get the right partner –

right partner - walking for weight loss
right partner – walking for weight loss

Many buddy’s need company for a walk. At the one hand that’s good if you analyze it. It benefits both walking partners to get exercise indirectly and they wouldn’t know how much time they spent while walking.


Being a human, we have socialized human nature makes us get a partner in every step of our life. Having a partner made us an easy, efficient and healthy way to decide what is good or what is bad for both of them. By the time we take care of each other, indirectly. This is a fact.

That’s why every partner should take a walk at least 2 times a day. This process benefits both of them to get stronger bondage between them, they will be able to understand each other, develops mentorship, promotes equality, freedom, respect etc. In this way, it indirectly helps our body functioning well in the right direction.

7. Decide the right rout as per your comfort –

get the route - walking for weight loss
get the route – walking for weight loss

The person of 120 pounds would burn 80 calories with walking on level ground at 2.5mph for 30 minutes. And if you walk on little steep slope level ground, you would burn 180 calories at 3.5mph for 20 minutes. Try this you definitely get the result.

8. Walking plus exercises –

excersize - walking for weight loss
excersize – walking for weight loss

At the time of walking, you should do some rotating or to and fro way of activity. Walking with oscillating hands gives a balanced exercise for our body muscles, bones. Around rotating hands makes flexible hands arteries, veins for the whole day, its called little warmup exercise. By this, your blood pressure maintains well and even your Harmon level also be maintained well.

9. Backward walking or “retro” walking –

Backward walking or "retro" walking
Backward walking or “retro” walking

Also, try to walk backward side in between walking. It enhances your back and leg muscles effectively well. This also helps you in relief of back pain, leg muscle pain.

10. Change strategies after every 15-20 days and go for varied terrains –

Department of Exercise and Sport Science, School of Education, University of Miami, Florida, USA, gave the stats that 30 min of walking for 5 days in a week has benefited as 60 min (in combination with diet) in promoting numerous additional healthful outcomes over diet alone following a 12-week weight loss program. (Read here) Exercises like rotating arms, waist, legs at a particular point after 10 min of walk boosts your stamina to walk furthermore. Like that Aerobics is also suggested to boost your heart health up to 70-80 per cent than earlier, which ultimately helps to weight loss (Harvard Men’s Health Watch)  

11. Set goals in the calendar –

Planning is the best way to target your goals. If you set goals then you need proper planning and implementation of planning. Implementation is the key to get lose weight in a limited time span. More people extend their strategies as per their requirement or even situations which led them to carry forward. In this situation, you need motivational kick which focuses on your health, and how that comes?

setting goals - walking for weight loss
setting goals – walking for weight loss

In my opinion, one of two strategies are as follow,

(1) Always look your self in mirror 10 times a day and think like a person or group of people or even your loved one is looking at you like you, and your body is not fair enough to impress them.

(2) Try to watch action movies like Rocky, Batman or any sports or war movies which indirectly motivate you to lose weight.


Make a note of everything you do on a daily basis. It will be a calendar or mobile app or diary or whatever way you note your strategies adopted daily. This makes you analyse your way of walking and exercises.  

12. Follow the low-calorie diet –

diet for weight loss
diet for weight loss

Eating low calories food like chemical-free green leafy vegetables, all fruits contains enough calories to balance our obesity. The only problem is that fast-food type of foods made our digestive system weak and our stomach can’t digest it properly made us vulnerable to gain weight in less time.

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Drinking too cold water worsens the eaten foods and its indigestion in our intestine which make us further weak health. Eat many fruits as possible. Fruits are a good source of vitamins and minerals which ultimately helps weight loss. Side by side fresh Cow milk, juices benefits a lot to get your balanced diet.

Eat Indian Desi cows ghee as much as possible to maintain calories with loss in weight. Indian Desi Cows ghee has medicinal properties and lots of minerals, proteins, vitamins. It not only beneficial in weight loss but contains above-mentioned minerals and vitamins to develop our body very well.


13. Other benefits of walking for weight loss –

Desi Ghee Benefits - An Incredible Dietary Food
Desi Ghee Benefits – An Incredible Dietary Food

As obesity is directly linked to decreased walking activity. From this one study has shown that low-level physical activity or walking led obesity along with type 2 Diabetes. If you do regularly walking at least one time a day, indirectly you will stay away from type 2 Diabetes along with organic or less chemical-free balanced diet.

Very effective in depression. Someone who affected with depression gets an indirect benefit with walking. Walking activity helps to relax our mind, brain functionality. By this, it boosts our thinking, decision-making capabilities.

Conclusive words on walking to lose weight –

Walking is very beneficial for our health especially for weight loss. A balanced diet with consistent walking every one deserves to lose weight effectively. Weight gaining is a human body’s, internal mater. We have to understand its process, behavioural nature of the internal part of our body functioning. Effective diet and strict followups of exercise lose obesity.

One thing would I like to mention here is that Only You can do whatever you want, nothing is made to lose or gain weight in this universe. Its all depends on our will and capacity to achieve it.

Low weight person also gets a better weight and good personality also, but the only thing is that how he or she will be consistent with their goals.

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