Hidden Facts About Women Empowerment [2019]


What is Women Empowerment?

What is the quality we find in an Indian woman, when compared to the woman of other countries? What is the best and beautiful quality of woman we see, including women all countries across the globe? So, we are going to discuss about Women Empowerment.

Let’s know about Women Empowerment

Above questions will make you complicated but no one can give the proper answer to them. So in many ways, a woman is like the flower of human species. The root is most important, but if root doesn’t flower it will feel frustrated.

Women as a Gender for Women Empowerment

The only way a woman could be successful, that is, she has to act like a responsible man, but not like men as usually do. This understanding or misunderstanding of splitting humanity and human species into two halves and thinking, they’re two separate species, made our minds very complicated.

Today the language in the world has become as a man and woman are two separate species. This is going to be very disastrous for everybody not for any one person or not for any one segment, but for all it is going to be disastrous.

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If we start treating men and women as two separate species, we need to understand this is one species; it is just that to fulfil the process of life. There are many levels of activity which needs to happen successfully.

There is a survival process. Today survival process may mean going to the office but that was not the case till recently survival process meant hunting. Survival process meant agriculture, civil survival process meant war.

When this was the case, masculine was most important. A man was most important for the survival process but the survival process by itself is meaningless, then you don’t know what you’re surviving for.

The fulfilment of life will not happen if feminine has to find a place, the right place in the world. We need to create a balanced society where the finer aspects of life are as important as survival.

If in our education systems, music, art, aesthetics become as important as science, mathematics and technology only then feminine will find expression in a society.  

How she is different and how she’s greater than when compared to the others.? Women allowed the world to say “I don’t know?” Why we are outputting only women on the focus.

We are always putting women in the focus because we believe either they can be right or wrong. And of course, men are right. This is why we are always right. We are looking at whether this is the right kind of women or the wrong kind of women.  

Really we are capable to judge others, especially women on Women Empowerment?

You must understand, but whatever reasons. Nature has given a larger responsibility for the woman in terms of bearing a child and having a profound influence on the child.

In the early part of a child’s life and when we talk about a child don’t think this is about reproduction. I am here because of that so our very existence began in a woman’s body, but there are some people who claim, they drop from elsewhere. I have nothing to say about them.  

If your normal birth, our life began in a woman’s body and today the simple biological factors of being male or female, we are exaggerating it.

Why should you be bothered, whether somebody is a woman or a man..?? Why are you bothered what is in somebody spends..?? It’s not your business. Why should it matter whether somebody’s a man or a woman, why can’t you just treat it and treat them as human beings?

I think we are excessively focused on this which is creating a very unhealthy atmosphere that means we are constantly over infatuated with body parts. That is why we are going on recognizing people as by their gender. You do not perceive individuals by their knowledge, by their abilities, by their skills. But perceiving them by their gender, it is not a fair way of looking at the world for certain aspects of our life.

Gender is significant, however, for the rest of the existence, how much minds you got, is crucial. How much capable you are, is more important. Gender is only valid in certain relationships, in rest of the relationships gender shouldn’t even come into the picture, only then there will be quality. There is no need to go on talking about women’s rights. We should state, human rights and feminine are a piece of it. That’s all.  

So what about the Indian woman, should we still, in this country for a long time we’ve nurtured many wonderful things? But these wonderful things because of many misunderstandings have also taken to the very horrible forms.

women empowerment in india
women empowerment in india

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When I said, it’s taken on horrific forms many simple things which were done for the protection of the woman, for the well-being of the woman, have become discriminatory for a period of times and taken on very horrendous forms of exploitation.

We must look back and see why these little things were created.?? If we don’t address these things, the Western world is in on a binge because they want to make male and female equal. It is not necessary to make two unequal genders to be a biologically equal. It will be a curse, in the name of Equality.

Today’s flourished culture or modern lifestyle misuses women’s’ emotions and tolerance and promoting themselves to be an equal and shoulder to shoulder to the men. Equal opportunity is fine, it is not necessary to expect a woman to do the same things that a man is doing. Then what is the point of the gender differentiation that nature is made..??

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It’s important the feminine in the world is as important as the masculine in the world. If but today in the name of equality women are coming to your place where they are beginning to act like men because they know that’s the only way they can succeed in the world.  

Then what’s the way for Women Empowerment?

The only way, they can succeed is, they have to act like men, you see even women doing like this to these days. This is not necessary, because if you devastate the feminine, then you truly have enslaved the women.

If you do not value women or not respectful to the women in the world, all the kindness will go away. That time you will get a marketplace rather than home, all your marriages also will be a marketplace.

It’s already happening around the world, a big-time before. People marry; they are making an understanding when we break who will get what in this house.

So, prenuptial agreements are being made before we get married already an agreement. If this marriage breaks, the egoistic character of humans makes them like, my bank balance is mine, yours is yours.

How can two unequal genders live like this? But here, still, we have the happiness of two people becoming one and enjoying. That may be after some time you will fight but still, at least you have the joy of weaving two lives into one.

When you go out, we this like suspiciously in the name of equality, you will never know the joy of knowing each other. Mingling with each other being one with each other, nothing will happen. The home will become a market place. This is because of the wrong ideas of equality.  

Conclusive words for Women Empowerment

We as a responsible and ethical human being for society, equality word should not be intermingled with justice and freedom. It creates only misunderstandings and complex situations. Besides equality, we should talk about responsibility for each other.

Recently, released Sci-Fi fantasy Hollywood action movie (Captain Marvel) and even Bollywood movie Raazi, these movies explain actual capabilities of the feminine as they have. As shown in these movies, women must be responsible and problem solver but not a daydreamer.

Daydreaming attitude makes women feel guilty, incompetence and unequal comparison to men and this is the situation led us to discuss here women’s’ empowerment, freedom, equality and justice.

God already made all living creatures self-empowered, there is no need to get empowered but need a strong empowered understanding of basics. This is all about it.

Thank’s for being a part of my discussion. Feel free to comment or discuss.