Do You Really know What is Love – An Adorable Article [2019]


Anyone Who Knows What Love is

What is Love? Have you ever felt “Love”..?? Even if you got loved one, no one can explain the exact meaning of it. Isn’t it.? Why no one is given or explained in a proper way to define it? Let’s see what factors make it very dynamic in meaning.

Origin of love is contributed from the word “Lufuan old English word which is picked from an Indo-European root shared by a Sanskrit word Lubhyatiwhich mean “Desire“.

So from this come to know as a desired of anything. It would be doing, playing, sharing, sleeping, eating etc. That doesn’t mean to be an action or habitual activity. It just an urge or expression to show the desire of it. But eventually, it evolved and changed dynamically in psychological behaviour to embarrass, abuse, to attract, showing attitude or anything else.

What is love for Modern World?

Todays’ modern society uses “Love” is a sign of relationship. It’s not my words but you have to look around your changing environment, itself gives lots of example of it.

It changed a lot of meaning and it is very complex in nature. One friend has love to another one, it may be for her or him. No matter what world or society think or even talk about them when they are doing a very joyful conversation, personal interactions or fun between them. So, in the Indian context, these activity leads to get over thinking of “Love”(in a relationship). How does it sound like?

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No..!! Not at all…. It’s not an Indians fault. We need to understand it very carefully by respecting our Indian elders as they thought, the “Love” represents or expresses as a “Respect”, taking care of one’s Dignity, Integrity, Security, Freedom, Values and finally Justice. These words all together gives the exact meaning of “Love”.

But nowadays modern society especially graduated people links What is Love in all aspects, but their aspectual thinking about love isn’t so bad. But it limits them to look in a broader mind. Because ( to 5 job makes their mind to think very limited to where they work. It’s not their fault, but if they wouldn’t understand or share what are the aspects of the word “Love“, it would lead misunderstandings for coming generations.

This misunderstanding would eventually lead to great business, political agenda, human rights issues, mental illness, violent strikes, rapes, murders, kidnappings, blackmailing even diseases also. We can’t imagine nowadays technologically smart advanced brain do anything for the word “Love“.

What is love all about in a relationship?

What is love swan
What is love swan

Suppose, one person gets bored and trying to do his loving activity. It makes someone or others very irritating, annoying and consequently allegations lead to hatred behaviour.

This hatred behaviour damages more than death. Not even hatred behaviour gives birth to disputes and disappointments. But further, it extends to mental breakdown down like paralysis, overthinking, jealous feeling etc.

Only these newly borne peoples behaviour makes them a disposable person, even without consuming health-damageable habits. Ultimately this behaviour passes on generation to generation. This is the only reason for today’s meaning of the word “Love” denotes a physical relationship with others (mostly with male and female).

Someone has quoted very great that Everything is fair in Love and War“, this quote exactly the consequential misunderstandings of the word “Love”. How is society misusing this word?

Take an example of Newly born baby. This baby doesn’t know the meaning of the word “Love”, so what it will do when it wants to express the “Desire or Love” for a particular thing.??

I bet you, no one thought like that. But in that baby’s views, whatever it desires, it simply enjoys a beautiful and happiest moment at that time. It means, in his/her parent’s protection and leadership he/she enjoys whatever he/she loves. By enjoying a baby makes their parents also very joyful and funny which ultimately altogether family members enjoy love life.

Same exactly, if one well-grown boy/girls desire whatever he/she likes, then it will happen directly oppositely. So here, point to be noted that, when we grow day by day. Our thinking and thought process changes our looking aspects of every activity. Because we are thinking about animals.

We do care most of the time as good looking Face, personalities, body language, dressing sense, humour etc which makes us less thinking about other aspects as a human being.

What is Love language?

In general, the meaning of the word “Love”, changed a lot in everyone’s mind. But still today, there are some people who get the exact ride of the word “Love”, it’s not limited to “Physical relation.”

Someone is attracting towards means the hormone level of that person attracts them towards them, it maybe he or she, can’t say anything about it (Homosexual tradition).

By the way, in the western world, love extends to Friendships, Open Relationships, Brotherhood, Sisters, cousins, fathers, mothers and any other family members. They propagated it through lots of businesses, advertisements, movies, TV series or even teaching systematically in other parts of the globe by travelling over a period of time. In the Eastern side, it was not so meaning full to think on what exactly the word “Love” makes.

Spiritual Presence of What is Love

In Hindus, Puranas, mythological gods stories like Krishna, it also shows the exact nature of love. Krishna got lots of friends like Radha from his native place. but eventually, they grew and their looking perspective changed to be a “Lover”. They teach us why we fall in Love and what it limits them? And why it is important for both of them? How to tackle that state of mind?

Similarly in Ramayana, when the Ram was going for 14 years of “Vanavasa”, the Sita joined him because to take care of him at any place any time and wants to live with him at any cost, without caring her future.

This set of mind shows the expression of words “Respect, Caring nature, Dignity, Integrity, Values, Positive attitude, freedom, Security and Justice”. This all together already been discussing from a long long time ago. But today’s greedy and lazy mindset changed the valuable meaning of the word “Love” by isolating for above-mentioned words.

Conclusive words on What is Love

Don’t make confusion with the perception of “Love“. It would be “Desire, Respect, Anger, Caring nature” etc. Only we one thing we need to do is “Respect for everyone’s life, nature, behaviour and be calm as long as possible.” Love is a type of emotion, it may originate from the attraction, liked behaviour, desired activity, sudden motivation-inspiration etc.

At that time we need to support their mental activities rather than to blame. Blaming, fighting with each other damage our health even mostly the attitude changes to Hatred behaviour. It’s very dangerous than “Poverty”. Hatred behaviour has given birth to the “Terrorism”, now you got my point?

Love must be beautiful, enjoyable for everyone including all living creatures in the world. Love gives everything to them including freedom, brotherhood, Justice, Equality, Right to life, express himself freely, peaceful neighbourhoods, family relations, friends and even it leads to a very prosperous life.

Look forward as Human being and share your opinions with us.

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