You should know the Urinary Disease [2019]


Urinary Disease

What can urinary disease tell?

The colour of the urine can tell the abnormal symptoms of the body.

Have you ever been in the middle of the night?

It will urinate pain. Each time the urine is low With dark urine And a burning sensation of urine. It is believed that because of the internal heat, there is a special temperature. (The average is generally between 10.00 – 14.00 hrs. And from 22.00 – 02.00 hrs.)

How to use: Apply 3 drops of lemon juice into 200 cc of water, about 1 – 3 minutes, then rinse. Will help to cure the condition of the body too hot.

How can Urinary Disease happen?

Starting from the blood that circulates in the body, the blood will contain both the substances that are necessary for the body and the waste that the body does not want to mix.

These substances are separated from each other. When the blood flowed through the kidneys, both sides were left and right. Which the kidneys will filter waste from the blood into urine While substances that are essential to the body Will be absorbed back into the bloodstream for further use.

Human Urine is a liquid waste that is excreted. Which the body does not want but has medical benefits In helping to diagnose and track disease extensively. Which is not only related to kidney disease and urinary tract only. Also about diseases of organs and other systems as well.

The colour of the urine may tell you roughly. Whether the body is normal or not Let’s check your body. By observing their own urine colour.

Urine is reddish in colour

If the urine is reddish in colour Have to figure out what food to eat in colour. Like this, like blackberries or purple lettuce. But if you are sure that you don’t eat anything close to red, maybe a bad omen Because the red colour may be blood that is excreted from the kidneys or bladder inflammation Or maybe there is something in the body that is torn Should seek medical advice immediately.  

Urine is brown

Looking at 2 things, which may be caused by eating a lot of nuts. Or that it may be a blood clot that can be mixed out The best way is to consult a doctor better.  

The urine is yellow.

If the urine is pale yellow, it is possible that the body will receive more vitamin B2 than that until it needs to be excreted. But if it is dark yellow, it means you drink too little water. But if you are confident that you are drinking a lot of water, but why the urine is still dark yellow, you may need to consult a doctor because you may have kidney disease already.  

Urine is opaque

In those who are opaque in urine, try drinking orange juice to see if it has disappeared. If not healed, it may be due to some infection. This symptom should consult a doctor.  

Urine is orange

Maybe a side effect caused by the use of a prescription drug used to treat cystitis.  

Urine is blue

If the urine has this colour. Don’t be surprised Especially if you take medicine to cure urinary incontinence Because in medicine there is a mixture of methylamine And excreted by urine The urine is so blue. Enter the bathroom this time. Don’t forget to observe the urine colour. This little thing should not be overlooked. Observe yourself a little bit. It is good for your health.

Some Urinary Disease we can heal. When we keep checking our bodies regularly Is there anything wrong with this period? If abnormal should see a doctor Do not think that it is nothing. Good health. No sales. Must take care of your health.