New Problems of women -Smoking and Drinking [2019]


Problems of women Today in India

There are lots of problems in India like abusing behaviour by others, stress, tension about family and relatives, not enough financial freedom but one of the most Problems of women they face is that struggling to fulfil her desire to get expected satisfaction, in that Relationship problems tops.

We can’t imagine how women’s’ life suddenly changed around as they grew by in the name of education. Most of the relationships in today’s society will dramatically be broken, like breakups, divorces, rape, murder etc. But no one analyzed it well and missed some consequential development led them to face lots of problems.

In the name of freedom and equality, we failed to maintain a balanced society but it was never been. Today’s working women addicted to “Smoking and drinking”, why it is so?


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Some Facts of Problems of women –

From India’s independence to 2000 there were data or survey conducted and shown that very percentage of women was addicted to alcohol and smoking. But now women got everything and there was no one to stop them or advise them as these addiction is injurious to health. But Indian constitutional rights and policies hindrances these activities.

Easygoing and social smoking is on the ascent among youthful working ladies crosswise over metropolitan urban areas in India, an Assocham report said. “Of the aggregate (respondents), just around two per cent said that they were overwhelming smokers (smoking one pack multi-day or more; the greater part of them said that peer weight and business-related pressure pushed them to expand the number of cigarettes they smoked,” the report said. “A few (respondents) even said they smoked for weight reduction,” it included.

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Practically every one of the respondents said that the marvel of ladies smoking was essentially kept to level one urban community like Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, as per the report.

A portion of the respondents said they smoked “calmly inferable from the ‘cool’ factor and sentiments of engaging quality, freedom and advancement”.

Another aspect of Problems of women

The overview was directed by Assocham Social Development Foundation among 2,000 ladies in the age gathering of 22-30 years in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region), Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Pune.

So the point is that, why it is happening? who is responsible for such women’s problems which never been seen in history like this. No one raises these issues first. But paid media and social activists promote their rights and agenda to blame the government. We need to understand it at a basic level.

Whatever we eat, sleep, watch, doing anything etc came from “Marketing”. This name is the biggest problem for “Indian household families” including teenagers, children’s, aged or retired person etc.

Advertising everywhere without ethical practice-led these problems. Someone buy the product without thinking its side effect like Pepsi, coca-cola, sprite, fast food (Occasional is OK but it became a habit). These consumable products damage more to our nervous systems indirectly and made vulnerable for High Blood Pressure.

No one wants to drink original Desi Cows Milk, consume desi ghee, organic foods etc as there was no one to supply it properly and practices unethical way. These led people to drink alternatives like pasteurized milk, masala milk etc. But no one knows what it cost it on our health if someone consumes for a long time.

No one is interested in desi ghee benefits and all. This is only due to marketing and high-profit business activity and informal pressures from political leaders.

Conclusion :

Combining above all advertisement strategies, business activities led women to think more modern than ever they feel or see. Today’s “Sas Bahu TV series, Love affairs TV series, Hollywood-Bollywood movies” indirectly made all of us “Consumer society”. Its dramatic influence on someone’s brain and nervous system makes impossible to avoid today’s “All Problems”, it may be for men, women, society, nation, business etc.

The solution for today’s problem of women is to make them aware of their responsibility, integrity, ethics, awareness about How to Analyze properly, this includes questioning themselves like,

“Why it happening? What elements led these problem’s today’s modern lifestyle? Why we forgot past’s best features of lifestyle? Why are people changing their behaviour day by day? Which factors led them to make like this etc”.