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Hey guys, I think my past blogs on depression made you a little bit nervous(i think so), but you got to know what exactly is the hell “Depression“, isn’t you? Don’t worry, its a knowledge-sharing activity. Always remember, our life is full of circus or like a puzzle game. In this post, I am given some movies about depression. These are a classic example of movies on depression.

You are the only king to find a way to control our neurons/brain to be relaxed, happy or well functioned but this can only be achieved through an example and that example makes/gives us the energy to gain the knowledge and improve it like “what happened there, how to get exit through it…etc”.

This only comes through an others life story or book reading or healer guidance or philanthropic peoples help around us (but we need to be very lucky..) or any artistic personalities who play a role or does a character like it. So in my opinion, I choose it as Film actors/actress. Because for acting, that person’s mindset and understanding must be strong and perfectly acting is needed to do given scene/script.

That actors/actress deep understood mind only make him or her to play a good role and that action captures all the mindset of audiences, and they feel it in real life. This process is strongly associated with our neural activity.

Whatever makes us emotional we got trapped to that web, it may be a movie or acting or communication or anything it would be. But the point to saying is that Depression is one of the same processes in which we need guidance to overcome from that disease.

I have been watching such movies from my past 15 years, and some of it I sorted out from Jungle of movies. Below mentioned movies not only describes the depressional situation but tell a lot about “How to deal with it”.

We don’t fall into the arena of what explicitly shown in the movie but we, as a reformer/learner need to get the main movies exclusive ideas/tricks to over from our real-life “Depression situation”.

The point, In my opinion, Movies will Guide us what is right and what is good, for us, for society or as a human being. Every “Arts (It may be acting, painting, singing, playing etc)” tells us that, the artist’s neural activity. And that’s why artists make them very exclusive and complete than others in our living society. This all we get only at the artistic places. We must visit and appreciate their arts/work in a way to encourage them and do the best of in him/her.

Movies on Depression – The Top 5 Movies on Depression

Today we will look at the top five movies about depression. Although not a very popular theme in the movies as most people are already depressed enough as it stands and would probably rather skip a movie that would make leave them feeling even more depressed, there have been some great movies about depression throughout the few last decades.

American beauty (1999) – IMDB Rating – 8.4/10


Lester Burnham is going through a midlife crisis that’s having repercussions on the lives of his wife, a failed real-estate agent and teenage daughter. If on the outside, Lester seems to be dealing with his state with a drop of humour, on the inside, there is a hopeless deep depression lurking, due to his disenchantment at life in general. To make matters even worse he develops an obsession with a teenage cheerleader who is a close friend of his daughter, who is dating the drug dealer next door.

This depression movie deals not only with depression itself, and the effects it may have on a family, but also with other important subjects like the lack of communication in a marriage, and the way routine and boredom can break up families.

The great winner of the 2000 Academy Awards, American Beauty, stands not only as a masterpiece in what concerns movies about depression, as well as one of the greatest films of all time.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) – IMDB Rating – 8.3/10


In this movie about depression breakup and depression movie, Joel and Clementine share what seems to be a great and endless love story until the day they decide to break up.

Struggling with depression and wanting to go on with her life, Clementine discovers a Company which offers an experimental procedure to erase parts of the memory of clients and pays to have Joel removed from her memory. Joel eventually finds out what she’s done and does the same. But somehow tiny parts of their memories persist. 

ESOTSM, which saw Charlie Kaufman win his second Oscar but his writing work is a very emotional and romantic love story, seen from a totally different perspective; one from a depressed couple on the brink of a breakdown.

The Hours (2002) – IMDB Rating – 7.2/10


This movie about depression shows three women from different times struggling with depression. Virginia Woolf, who is writing her book, Mrs Dalloway, acting as a Laura Brown who is reading Mrs Dalloway in the year of 1951 with Clarissa Vaughan, a publisher dealing with the coming death of her close friend Richard who is dying of AIDS.

Somehow we discover at the end, that the three lives are connected, showing how people in such different times and situations can be feeling the exact same thing. The Hours is as such a very powerful entry on the catalogue of movies about depression and a film that is a must-watch for anyone trying to overcome depression.

The Virgin Suicides (1999) – IMDB – 7.2/10


This movie about depression follows the life of the Lisbon family, where three sisters live in isolation from the outside world as their parents think the world is too violent a place for her daughters until one of them decides to commit suicide.

The story is told from the point of view of the neighbourhood boys who were obsessed with the girls while they were children. This is one of those movies about depression that may seem horrible when looking at the title, but it’s actually told in a very uplifting kind of way and with slices of humour. Definitely, something you should check out as it’s a very likeable film and one that will stay with you forever as a unique story.

Prozac Nation (2001) – IMDB Rating – 6.3/10


Elizabeth Wurtzel is a teenager who got into Harvard with a scholarship in Journalism. However, soon Lizzie finds herself abusing of sex and drugs and falls into an existential crisis and deep depression until her mother has to check her into rehab, where after a very long period of treatment with medication and suicide attempts she finally beats depression.

Published in 1994 and based on a true story, Prozac Nation is a wonderful movie about depression adaptation of a great book that tells a personal voyage of pain and suffering, while offering a positive outlook of hope to anyone dealing with depression.

Concluding words –

These movies about depression make our senses to learn a lot from their situations and we have the opportunity to improve it in our real society.  Some people may become a full-time guide, adviser or even job provider to jobless youths.

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So above all discussed aspects, we need to note that, our looking angle and analytical perspective makes us very different and exclusive to others and it leads to a happy, prosperous and secured livable society where every one helping or resolving issues around their environment.

So be a “King to rule On our sense/ego” but not to rule peoples emotions and situation, besides throw away that attitude/ego and help each other and make the Best society ever in the world.

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