How to be a better person – Life-changing Article [2019]


How to be a Better Person

Becoming a better person is very necessary for the sake of our future generations. Nowadays children becoming more and more intelligent about everything. They are naturally copying every action, thoughts of each adult’s, teen’s, who are surrounding with them. So there are lots of questions arising about how to be a better person in today’s modern lifestyle?

What does it mean how to be a better person?

Have you ever got to know what is to be a good person?? All we know each person with stereotypes to have positive traits. I think, to be a good person, we should have some simple person positive traits.

As we are human beings and we have lots of work and have the sense to choose our choice. This nature of choice comes from our faith and believes. And that faith and belief come from our understanding which ultimately a part of our personal qualities.

Our body is made up of lots of living cell, with a complex structure. Our mind or brain decides our believes and faiths. This is the “Million dollar Answer”. No one understands well. Let’s understand it well.

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In the first place, we need to tackle all problems of societies including our individual problems like the problem of women and problems of relationships etc.

What makes how to be a better person?

If you control your mind in a systematic way, then you need to be a super motivational mentality in today’s lifestyle. But can you ever thought how successful personality always be inspired and motivated all day for a long time?

Our body is built upon the basic structure of life we called it “Cells”. Cells are of many types. Blood cells, Nerve cells, Muscle cells, Bone cells etc. These microscopic cells are made of lots of complex chemical structure and these cells ultimately depend on our intake type and pattern.

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If we do toxic intakes regularly for a long time these cells going to be damaged and converts to a dead cell’s and consequently these cells make the same as damaged for its surroundings.

That’s why today’s trendy name always we heard in a disease term, for a long time as a “Cancer”. But our topic is on “How to Be a Good Person”, so above phenomenon indirectly makes changes to our other cells especially nerve cells in the form of not feeling well, headache, strokes, tiredness, fever, cold etc. After that will get in a trap of depression.

To overcome these problems, Ghee is the only item on our earth which solves immediately. It’s unbelievable but it is a Fact. Indian Desi cows Ghee is an Ambrosia.

So this way our eating, sleeping, and other activity in day to day life makes us vulnerable to be a better person. If you feel well, strong enough and energetic then and then you make yourself confident and motivated.

One thing to be noted that if you make a good diet and exercise plan you will be a one step ahead to becoming a better person. Set up a proper time table and stick to it to be healthy rather than a stingy beggar.

Always remember “we live for our life but not for money“. Having enough money for our need is best, but underestimating our emotions and greedy nature makes ourselves to overvalue money.

How to be a better person – from a Social Perspective

Today’s Globalized world become one market place where anyone can buy or sell everywhere in the world. This drastic changes made to a human also where no one is valuing others behaviour. No one has ever thought or dared to think for other persons changed behaviour. Because 9 to 5 job makes them a very busy person.

Even if you looked or heard in some news like “Son murdered his father/brother/cousin or her mother/sister”. Have you ever thought about that? Why that person murdered his family members or others? What exactly happened to him to be a murderer rather than a strong person.?

All these activities happening for a long time but human nature makes us fear able personality. And we made up ourselves to get back to our work, that matter is their personal problem and we let it off from our personal interest. We need to overcome this type of nature and always to look forward to spreading “Love“. If we looked upon these problems timely then and then our spoiling societal trends gets improved.

How to be a better Person-image
How to be a better Person-image

Indirectly our surrounding people also join hand to hand if we do the right thing at the right time. If we fail then we also fail to be a better person in life and society as well.

To be clear, optimistic, positive, helpful and most important Ethical in all way. These characters make anyone be a better person than others. For this, the only thing is to remember that “Have a Courage or brave actions”. And also try to think in an analytical way to understand the root cause of any problem. Then there will not be any hidden way to stop you from becoming a better person. This is a fact.

Summarising words –

Above are some of we discussed limited aspects for becoming a better person. As my intention was to make aware of changing activity in our day to day life makes ourselves worst than others. We did not have time to think of it. But my blog makes you at least to overcome your modern thought and gives direction to live in a motivated ethical way of life.

Happy and disease free of life makes you not only a better person but people will follow your thought and actions and then you can give direction or motivate them “How to be a better person”. Always share your knowledge. Knowledge sharing doubles or increases our knowledge base. This way of activity make all of us be a better person.

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