Feared of Hepatitis – Here is an Essential Facts [2019]


Recognize various types of hepatitis

There are many types of hepatitis. Most of the times we hear a lot of ABC type, hepatitis, causing inflammation. Some hepatitis viruses are already cured.

But some are chronic Will always be attached to the liver, which all 3 types will have the same symptoms, namely fever, jaundice, yellow eyes, fatigue, body aches Can not eat food, nausea, vomiting.

The difference is that some types are already present. Will accumulate This is called chronic hepatitis. Today we come to know how many types of hepatitis are.

1. A virus

Will show symptoms of acute inflammation Some countries have a lot of people, such as underdeveloped countries. In Thailand, there is not much. But there is an opportunity if in the risky area of this virus.

The cause of eating foods that are infected Then the patient has the opportunity to continue to spread Most of the time, when they come to see a doctor, they will receive an admin. To prevent the transmission of infection to others.

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When treatment occurs and the patient is undergoing a medical examination, the doctor will wash the history, physical examination, blood collection, x-ray and conclude that it is an acute hepatitis virus. And have any symptoms to heal according to that condition Which the doctor will make an appointment to check Until cured.

Prevention should eat clean food. In addition, use a central spoon to eat with others. Vaccination against hepatitis A virus Especially those who have to travel to countries that are in the outbreak of diseases such as underdeveloped countries.

2. B virus

Is the type that most people are Especially as a carrier Can show symptoms in an acute or chronic manner

Sexual causes From mother to child in the womb during pregnancy Get blood that is infected Once infected and infected in the body, he will show acute hepatitis. Or may not have any symptoms at all. But the virus will hide in the liver and then can spread the infection to others Which are called the carrier of hepatitis B.

The danger is that when it has been infected for many decades, the liver will lose, causing the liver cirrhosis to be called cancer. If this infection is present in the body, there will be a risk of various diseases. About the liver more than the average person.

Treatment if it is an acute symptom When there is a symptom, the patient should go for a disease examination. The doctor will wash history. Blood test X-ray then concluded that it is an acute hepatitis virus. And have any symptoms that heal.

The doctor may consider giving antiretroviral drugs in patients who are very And because the virus is in the body The doctor will then make an appointment for the examination. To monitor liver function and liver cancer regularly.

Prevention of all children born to be vaccinated against all hepatitis viruses. Which requires a total of 3 needles, ie 1 injection at a time, 1 month and 6 months. And because the hepatitis B virus is infected by blood.

Therefore, people who are prohibited from donating blood The second is sex. Prevention is to put condoms on while having sex. And three from mother to child If the mother is at the antenatal clinic, the infection is detected. The child born in addition to receiving 3 needles as already mentioned He must also receive more serum.

3. C virus

Will show signs of hepatitis in the nest But will be a carrier hidden in us Then will spread that infection to others As well as having a liver that can be lost when this virus is present in the body.

The reason for this is still unknown. Because some people do not have a history of blood giving Sex Or family members with this disease But detected hepatitis C virus in the body.

Therefore still do not know which way But of course, people who get the blood of people with hepatitis C virus must definitely have this disease.   The treatment has no specific treatment. But when detected hepatitis C virus Doctors will monitor liver function and liver cancer regularly. Because there is a chance that the liver will lose or have liver cancer more than the average person.  

Prevention is not yet protected. But should be checked for hepatitis virus Also need to take care of yourself as well Because there is an opportunity to become a disease Easily related to the liver Like cirrhosis and liver cancer, which is a serious disease.

The doctor may make an appointment to check again periodically. Even without symptoms To check for a liver function that is worse. What are the changes?

And for screening for early liver cancer With radiological examination, with blood collection, maybe every 3 or 6 months that must be frequent, because if this disease occurs, the doctor will meet since the initial stage. Which can be cured more easily than found when the cancer is already growing.    

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