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The Linkages of Ayurveda with Panchagavya [2019]

Ayurveda and Panchagavya Therapy Ayurveda and Panchgavya are exclusive practice or therapy in which we get side effect free disease treatment which ultimately cures diseases if we wish, but we all living in a hectic society where everybody wants to be a luxury lifestyle at least to be getting from died. Why is there so much business evolved and flourished around us and globally especially in India instead of getting quality life.? All these questions indicate that “What’s the option to be an Ethical Person in Modern Luxury Society” which makes a responsible family person or social person? It all depends on what is happening around us for what reason it could be and where it leads our lifestyle as a social being. Why Panchgavya knowledge not as much so deeply or emphasised to study or research on it in the Indian medical practice? Why Indians only depends on Allopathy medicine…

Why Indian Desi Cows Ghee is So expensive [2019]

Indian Desi Cows Ghee Why Indian Desi Cows Ghee is So expensive – We all know that All people must eat ghee to be live healthy. Our traditional method of preparing bilona ghee as mentioned in the Vedic literature. Modern science has verified what our ancient Ayurvedic health science had said for long long years back as Ghee is very crucial for our health and cooking benefits and it’s been proved as Ambrosia for the mind and spirit. But for business purposes or money-minded people can’t make quality Ghee which must be made from Milk to Curd, Curd to Butter and from that Butter to Ghee. But small dairy owners or lazy farmers ghee making process is very polluted. Ghee making process – One needs to understand the scientific process involved in ghee making from Milk, curd, butter(Loni/लोणी) and finally to ghee. But we need natural materials to process ghee from…